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Frisco and Neighboring Towns Offer Free Water Use Audit

The Towns of Frisco, Dillon, and Breckenridge are funding an outdoor water audit for property owners. Slow the Flow is a water conservation program offered by Resource Central that provides in-ground sprinkler system consultations to homeowners, HOAs, and commercial properties. Through its third year of partnership with the three towns, audits are available at no cost to qualifying residents and property managers.

“Coloradans use more than 50% of their water outdoors,” says Ryan Thompson, Frisco Water Department Foreman. “The purpose of this program is to help people use their water more efficiently and save money while keeping their landscapes and lawns healthy.”

The consultations include an in-depth evaluation of the control clock and existing watering schedule to determine outdoor water usage through sprinkler run times, sprinkler head spacing, and head quality and other components. Each participant will receive a full printed report with the findings and a clear, actionable list of suggestions to reduce water use and runoff, while still providing adequate water to their lawn and landscaped areas. “This program is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to learn more about their irrigation system and the landscape they are trying to maintain, and is one of several water conservations efforts brought forth by the Town to help meet our ongoing sustainability goals,” says Thompson. Slow the Flow may be used in conjunction with Frisco’s water rebate program, Start at the Tap, which is applicable to irrigation controls and irrigation heads that meet Water Sense efficiency standards.

On-site consultations usually take an hour and begin in June. Participants are encouraged to fill out the online registration form accessible through each of the Towns’ websites,,, and Dillon’s water department page to reserve their place on the schedule, as appointments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. is where participants can also find more information about the Start at the Tap program, which provides grants for fixtures, and other water efficiency programs. The Town of Frisco also participates in the Slow the Flow audit internally by selecting large public zones in Town each year for evaluation and improvement.