Town News

Town of Frisco Seeks Planning/Development Services at 113 Granite & 110 3rd Avenue for Workforce Housing

The Town of Frisco is committed to development of sustainable workforce housing as it supports a stable year-round economy. A significant and growing affordability gap exists between free market housing prices/rental rates in the community and the ability of the local workforce to pay for housing. Many workers are no longer able to live in the communities where they work as they cannot afford to pay a market rate mortgage, nor can they assume the responsibility for market rate rents. The availability of long-term rental housing continues to shrink, as vacation rentals surge. The design and development of creative and cost-effective workforce housing is of paramount importance to this community.

With that in mind, The Town of Frisco is requesting proposals from qualified and creative development teams with the capacity and the necessary expertise to develop two (2) workforce housing projects. Proposals are requested for the development of one or both of these projects on Town-owned property. Both parcels have readily-available access to utilities. The two sites are:

  1. The old Community Center/Senior Center at 110 S. 3rd Avenue. This is a .24 acre site at the
    corner of 3rd Avenue and Granite Street. Existing grade transitions from the alley towards Granite Street. There is an existing building on the property that will need to be demolished in order for this project to project.
  2. The 113 Granite Street property adjacent to the Frisco Historic Park. This is a .24 acre midblock site adjacent to and just west of the Frisco Historic Park. The site is mostly level and currently contains two old residential structures that will need to be demolished or removed.

Proposals are due on December 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm. A mandatory site check and informational session will be held on November 27 at 10 am. Please meet at Frisco Town Hall in Council Chambers at 1 Main Street.

For more information please visit 113 Granite & 110 3rd Ave. RFP or go to Bidnet.