COVID-19 Strategic Economic Response

The Town of Frisco has formed a COVID-19 Frisco Strategic Economic Response Team to support Frisco businesses and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis and to tactically plan for recovery. The Town of Frisco is also committed to partnering with the County, the towns in Summit County and the Summit County Chamber of Commerce on any countywide collaborative effort to provide unified messaging  and support during this ongoing situation.

The Frisco Response Team has been tasked with becoming a one-stop resource for Federal, State, and local economic COVID-19 initiatives and programs, as well as providing advice and hands on assistance for businesses, as they navigate and apply for these resources. The Town of Frisco has dedicated four staff members to the Response Team, and they began working on this mission on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Resources for Individuals Employer/Non-Profits/Business Resources