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Catchup with Council, August 9, 2022 – Appointing New Town Manager, Parks Plan Review, IGA for 602 Galena

Town Council Appoints New Frisco Town Manager, Tom Fisher

The Frisco Town Council approved an employment agreement with incoming Frisco Town Manager, Tom Fisher, who will start his position on August 25, 2022. Fisher was offered the position as a result of a several-month recruitment process, facilitated by the recruitment firm, Strategic Government Resources, during which the Town received 74 applications. Four hiring panels, comprised of the Town Council, Town Managers from surrounding communities, the Town of Frisco leadership team, and Frisco Police leadership, interviewed three semi-finalists on June 27, 2022, after which time, Fisher was selected as a finalist.

Local Government Experience

Since 2015, Fisher has held the position of County Manager for Summit County, Utah, managing the administrative functions of the county, which has a $65 million dollar operating budget and 320+ employees. From 2001 to 2015, Fisher worked in various leadership roles for Mesa County, Colorado, including the positions of Deputy Administrator for Internal Services, Deputy Administrator for Regional Services, Director of the Regional Transportation Planning Office, and finally as the County Administrator, which is akin to a County Manager role.

Other Leadership and Work Experience

In addition to Fisher’s extensive local government experience, he has also served in leadership positions in the Utah Army National Guard and Army National Guard. Positions held include Brigadier General, Commander of Land Component Command, Deputy Commanding General, and Senior Commander. Fisher honed and utilized his expertise in logistics and engineering during his 32-year military career, which included a deployment to Iraq, relief efforts for hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and support for the 2002 Winter Olympics.


Fisher earned a Bachelor of Science in Resource Development and Planning from Michigan State University and a Master of Science in Resource Development and Planning with a minor emphasis on Parks and Recreation from Michigan State University. Fisher also attended the United States Army War College for their Master of Strategic Studies resident program.

The Frisco Town Council and Town staff welcome Fisher to the team.

Unsheltered in Summit

Council held a discussion with the Unsheltered In Summit Committee, a local group that has developed the Summit Safe Parking Program to provide a “safe place to park for those whose home is their vehicle.” . Unsheltered is seeking 10-15 year-round parking spots in the Frisco area and was before Town Council to describe the program, the need in the community and to discuss possible locations.  The program began at Agape Church in July 2019, and moved to the Justice Center in Breckenridge in April 2022.  The program has helped over 50 individuals.  As the need continues to grow, Unsheltered In Summit is seeking additional locations and has identified locations in and around Frisco for Council’s consideration.

The Frisco town code prohibits camping in any town park, open space property or recreation area, except in designated areas, which precludes any of the proposed locations. Council supported code amendments to facilitate the Safe Parking Program, and directed staff to come back at a later date to further discuss possible locations and revisions to the code.

Neighborhood Parks Plan Review

Staff presented a review and update of the Neighborhood Parks Master Plan, adopted by Council in 2019, which outlines community priorities for park improvements. As part of the master planning process, Town Council budgeted $750,000 annually for five years starting in 2020 to continue moving forward with park enhancements.  Improvements have been made to Walter Byron and Meadow Creek  including:

Walter Byron improvements

Restroom and playground replacement was completed in the fall of 2020 with the remainder of the play area completed in 2021. Additional improvements include expanding the gazebo deck, creating additional patio seating, and installing a wetland overlook adjacent to the parking area. The project is currently out to bid and is slated to be completed by early summer 2023 for an estimated cost of $530,000.

Meadow Creek Improvements

Planned improvements at Meadow Creek include enhanced pathway lighting and increasing visibility from Meadow Drive. In 2021, trees in the landscape berm along Meadow Drive were pruned and thinned to increase visibility. In addition, an entrance path from the bike path to the park was created and the main entrance sign was relocated and cleaned up. Additional improvements to the ice surface were completed during the 2021/2022 winter season.  Lighting work is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022 for a contracted amount of $154,000.

Council supported the current Master Plan and directed staff to follow through on the projects already budgeted and in progress. In addition, Council directed staff to research the feasibility of adding a basketball court in town to provide the community with an additional accessible recreation option.

Intergovernmental Agreement for 602 Galena Workforce Housing

Town Council has entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Summit County for the purchase of 602 Galena Street, currently the location of the Colorado Workforce Center. Since August 2021, Town and County staff, and staff from the Colorado Division of Labor and Employment (CDLE), which owns the property, have been meeting to discuss the potential redevelopment of the property for workforce housing. While the Town will be the property developer, the County has committed to contributing funds to the purchase of the property. An appraisal completed in October 2021 established the property value at $3,000,000. Summit County has agreed to assist the Town in the purchase of the property, by contributing half of the appraised value.

As part of the financial contribution, the conditions in the IGA include:

  • The County will pay the Town $1.5 million for the purchase of the property at time of closing of the purchase from the State.
  • The development will include a deed restriction so that the units created will meet affordability requirements outlined in state statutes, not to exceed 140% AMI.
  • The Town will begin efforts to entitle the property for redevelopment within 120 days following closing of the property purchase from the State and begin construction of the project, including demolition, prior to July 1, 2025, and complete the construction by July 1, 2027.
  • The Board of County Commissioners could choose to add additional funding at a future date through a subsequent agreement.

A purchase and sale agreement with the State of Colorado which spells out the terms and conditions of the property purchase and future development is tentatively set for September 13, 2022 agenda.