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Town of Frisco water is produced from the Wayne Bristol Surface Water Treatment Plant: rated at 1 million gallons per day production and has a water right on North Ten Mile Creek for 2.5 cubic feet per second. The Surface Water Plant is a primary water supply for the Town of Frisco. There are four full-time employees in the Water Department.

The Town also has four water wells which are utilized to supplement the Water Treatment Plant. Requests for tours of the water system are gladly accommodated and if you have any questions concerning water quality, conservation, or operations please contact the Public Works Department at 970-668-0836.

View the 2020 Drinking Water Quality Report for calendar year 2019 below:

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

This report will not be mailed. Copies are available at Town Hall front desk, as well as the Visitor Information Center.

2020 Lead Levels Information

After lead and copper testing of Frisco’s water in the first half of 2020, Frisco’s Water Division was informed by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment in July 2020 that there were lead levels that exceeded the maximum allowable limit in the provided samples, as five homes/buildings out of 40 homes/buildings tested in Frisco were found to have lead levels at or exceeding 15 parts per billion (ppb). Read more here

FAQ's About Frisco Lead Testing

Water Billing

Water billing is handled by the Town’s Finance Department. Visit the water billing page for information on water billing or to pay your bill online.

2019 Water Rate Increase

Frisco Town Council approved a water rate and tap fee increase in June 2019, after two years without any increases. The proposed increases were approved in order to properly budget and plan for anticipated capital improvements, keep up with rising operating expenses and encourage conservation. Currently, Frisco has the second lowest tap fees in Summit County and the lowest water rates. Concurrently, Frisco Town Council also approved a generous new water efficiency and conservation program to benefit our customers who want to improve their own personal water infrastructure.

What will the fee changes be?

Base rate- paid by each water user to pay for ongoing operating expenses and capital improvements

  • The base rate will rise from $40.33 to $45 on 10/1/19
  • The base rate will no longer include up to 18,000 gallons of water.
  • The base rate will increase 5% annually on October 1st of each year through 10/1/2024.

New water rates per 1,000 gallons starting on 10/1/19

  • Water rates will increase 5% on 10/1/19
    • Tier 1 – 1 to 8,000 gallons: $1.12 per 1,000 gallons
    • Tier 2 – 8,001 to 16,000 gallons:  $2.24 per 1,000 gallons
    • Tier 3 – 16,001 to 50,000 gallons: $4.00 per 1,000 gallons
    • Tier 4 – 50,001 or more gallons: $5.00 per 1,000 gallons
  • These water rates will increase by 5% annually on October 1st of each year through 10/1/2024.

Tap fees- a connection fee for new water service

  • Tap fees will increase from $4,301 to $4,731 on 1/1/2020
  • Tap fees will increase by 10% annually on October 1st of each year through 10/1/2024.

When will you see this on your bill?

This increase will appear on your 4th quarter bill, which includes October, November and December 2019, and this bill will arrive during the first week of January 2020 and will be due on January 31, 2020.

The Town of Frisco has partnered with Xpress Bill Pay where you can not only pay your current water bill, but also see your water bill history and use that information to calculate the impact of the 5% rate increase in the 4th quarter.

More Info on 2019 Water Rate Increases & New Efficiency Programs

Backflow Information

A backflow device is used to control a cross connection in a water system. The State requires a backflow device on all water services that are connected to a public water system. Town of Frisco plumbing codes also require separate devices past the initial backflow for various other hazards including; boilers, hot tubs, in ground irrigation systems and other possible situations that could affect the potability of drinking water.

View common backflow devices found in homes and businesses in the Town of Frisco. There are many other types of devices but most are similar to these.

The Town of Frisco is required by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment to survey every water service on the Town’s public water system for the degree of hazard related to cross connections and the backflow protection needed for that service. A list of certified backflow testers can be found here.

Please submit all backflow reports to backflowtesting@townoffrisco.com.

Helpful Resources Regarding Backflow

Water Conservation Code

The Town of Frisco has an irrigation schedule based on the location of your property. Read Article V of Chapter 171, Water to find out about your schedule.

Current Voluntary Water Restrictions

The following Phase 1 voluntary water restrictions are currently in effect:

  • No person should irrigate, sprinkle or otherwise apply water to a lawn except within the following areas, days, and time periods:
    • North Zone (North of Main Street) – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    • South Zone (South of Main Street) – Sunday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Flowers, decorative plants, bushes and trees may be watered at any time and on any day so long as such watering is
    done by way of drip irrigation or by hand using a watering can or a hose with an automatic shut-off valve.
  • No person should do any of the following:
    • Use a hose to wash any structure, motor vehicle or boat unless the hose is
      equipped with an automatic shut-off valve;
    • Wash any paved area with a hose; and
    • Serve water to a customer of a commercial establishment except upon
      request of the customer.

Water Inspections

The Water Department performs all inspections of water lines and meter assemblies for newly constructed homes and businesses (please refer to the Town of Frisco’s Water Construction Standards). All Water related inspections must be scheduled through the Public Works Administration Department and all inspections require a 24 hour notice; please call the Public Works Office Manager at 970-668-0836 to schedule an inspection.

Water Tap Fees

All water tap fees are calculated by the Public Works Administration Department. One (1) Capital EQR (tap) in 2019 equals $4,430. A single-family residence is “tapped” at one (1) EQR. The Department requires a full set of plans to calculate the tap fee.

  • Tap fees will increase from $4,301 to $4,731 on 1/1/2020
  • Tap fees will increase by 10% annually on October 1st of each year through 10/1/2024.

Water Meters

You must purchase your water meter from the Town of Frisco. Please contact the Public Works Office Manager at 970-668-0836 for pricing and pick-up.

Water Supply for Contractors

To effectively and efficiently perform public works operations, the Town will no longer be providing a water supply for private contractors.

Waste Water

The Town of Frisco’s sanitation (sewer) service is provided by the Frisco Sanitation District, which is a special district not operated by the Town. Please contact the Frisco Sanitation District at 970-668-3723 for sewer service inquiries and any other sanitation related issues.