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Stacey Nell

Town Clerk

The Town of Frisco conducts only Municipal Elections in Frisco. For information regarding Elections held under Title 1 of Colorado Revised Statute that contain races and measures for Special District, School District, County, State and Federal levels – please contact the Summit County Clerk & Recorder’s Elections Division located in Breckenridge. The Town of Frisco adheres to applicable Federal and State Laws & Regulations that govern elections. Additionally, Frisco’s Home Rule Charter and Town Code also further determine how Municipal elections are conducted locally. Stacey Nell, Town Clerk, is the Designated Election Official for Frisco, Colorado. The next Municipal Regular Election in Frisco is scheduled for April 2, 2024, and will be conducted as a Mail Ballot Election.

2024 Election Cancelled

In 2024, the Town of Frisco cancelled the Regular Municipal Election originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 2, 2024. This is due to the election being uncontested, with the same number of candidates certified to the ballot, as vacant positions available on Town Council.

Get Registered (or Update your Record)

Visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website 24/7 at GoVoteColorado.gov or contact the Summit County Clerk & Recorder’s Elections Division located in Breckenridge.
Voters who reside in unincorporated Frisco areas, such as but not limited to: Frisco Terrace, Frisco Heights, Giberson Preserve, Wiborg Park, and Bill’s Ranch, are not eligible to vote in Town of Frisco Municipal Elections or run for Municipal Office. As of July 2023, there are 2,325 active registered voters in the Town of Frisco.

Requirements to register to vote in Colorado:


Frisco Municipal Elections are conducted by mail ballot. There is no in-person polling center with machines and paper in-person ballots. Frisco voters may obtain replacement ballots, or newly issued ballots, from the Town Clerk, during business hours at Town Hall, but only once ballots are in the possession of the Town Clerk from the printer. Ballots will be mailed to all active registered Frisco voters beginning Monday, March 11, 2024. We ask voters to allow a minimum of 48 hours for the USPS to distribute your ballot to your Post Office box/mailing address. If a mail ballot is not received, check your voter registration status at GoVoteColorado.gov to see if any updates are required before requesting a replacement ballot from the Town Clerk’s Office. The Town Clerk cannot modify your voter registration record on the voter’s behalf for the purposes of issuing a ballot. The official drop-off location for 2024 Frisco Regular Municipal Election ballots is the 24-hour, secure ballot drop box in the Town Hall atrium. Ballots must be in possession of the Town Clerk by 7:00PM on Election Day to be counted. Ballots may be returned by mail but must have sufficient postage from the voter applied to the return envelope, before being placed in the mail. Postmarks do not count for late receipt, ballots must be in the possession of the Town Clerk by 7:00PM on Election Day.

Running for Office

Nomination Petitions

Interested candidates must pick up a Nomination Petition packet beginning on Tuesday, January 2, from the Frisco Town Clerk’s Office, during business hours (8:00am-5:00pm). Nomination packets will be available for pick up, and are due, by 5:00pm on Monday, January 22. A successful nomination petition will be verified by the Town Clerk with at least 25 signatures from registered electors in Frisco, per Frisco’s Home Rule Charter Article IV, Section 5. Candidates submitting petitions with an insufficient number of signatures will be issued a letter of insufficiency with instructions on how to amend and gain access to the ballot as a listed candidate by name. Petitions should be submitted as soon as possible for timely verification, to the Town Clerk in person at Town Hall, during business hours. Signers of petitions may only sign up to 3 Councilmember candidate petitions, and 1 petition for Mayor.

What wass on the ballot in 2024?

  • Prior to the 2024 Frisco Municipal Election being cancelled due to a lack of contested races, the following seats were on the ballot: Three Councilmembers (At Large), One Mayor, No ballot issues/measures.

Political Signage

  • Political Signs are regulated by Town Code, Chapter 180-6.19.12(G) Political Signs: Such signs, posters, or banners shall not be erected or placed prior to 45 days before an election, and shall be removed within five days following the election. No such signs, posters, or banners shall be placed upon or shall extend into any public property or right-of-way. Political or ideological signs not to exceed six square feet in area per sign when located on private property and not otherwise in a public right-of-way, or on public property or structures.
  • Political signs do not require a permit. Sign regulations fall under the Community Development Department, and they may be contacted for further details.

Campaign Finance Filings

Campaign forms and filings are required by ALL candidates running for Municipal Office in Frisco. Unlike running for higher office where campaign finance filings are due to the Secretary of State’s Office, all filings are made directly with the Town Clerk for Town elections. Late filings are subject to a $50 per day, late filing fee charge, by State Law. All filing forms are provided within a Candidate informational packet, provided with the Nomination Petition or by request at Town Hall reception for any interested persons.

Campaign Finance Filing Deadlines:

  • 60 days prior to Election Day
  • 21 days prior to Election Day
  • Friday prior to Election Day
  • 30 days after Election Day

Required Candidate Forms (Campaign Finance, etc.):

All forms available in person at Town Hall front desk, during business hours (8:00am-5:00pm) beginning Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Forms printed from other jurisdictions will not be accepted.

  • Candidate Affidavit
  • Nomination Petition
  • Committee Registration Form
  • Report of Contributions & Expenditures Form
  • Statement of Personal Expenditures by a Candidate
  • Candidate Statement of Non-Receipt of Contributions of Non-Expenditures of Funds Form

Candidate Forum

The Candidate Forum happened on Wednesday, March 13, 2024 from 5:30PM-7:30PM at Ten Mile Music Hall. Candidates answered questions from a moderator and the community had the opportunity to submit questions upon arrival to the event. Although the Municipal Election was uncontested and cancelled as a result, community members were able to get to know the incoming Mayor and Councilmembers.


Candidate informational packets will be available for in-person pick up at the Town Hall front desk beginning Tuesday, January 2, 2024, during business hours (8:00am-5:00pm). Contact Stacey Nell, CERA, Town Clerk at: townclerk@townoffrisco.com. It’s also highly recommended to read the below listed pertinent publications and laws.

Uniformed & Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA)

Colorado Revised Statute, Title 31, Articles 10 & 11 – “Colorado Municipal Elections Act of 1965”

Colorado Revised Statute, Title 1, Article 45 – “Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA)” / Amendment 27 of the Colorado State Constitution (“Campaign & Political Finance”)

Acceptable Forms of ID for Voting in Colorado

Frisco’s Town Code – Chapter 10 – Councilmembers and Mayor

Frisco’s Town Code – Chapter 20 – Elections

Frisco’s Town Code – Chapter 15 – Code of Ethics

Frisco’s Home Rule Charter – Article IV – Elections

Colorado Municipal League – Municipal Candidate Guide

International City Managers Association – Manager/Council Form of Government

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments – Elected Officials Handbook

Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency – Ethics, Liability, and Best Practices for Elected Officials

2024 Approved Town of Frisco Budget

Town of Frisco 2023-2026 Adopted Strategic Plan

Town of Frisco 2024 Adopted Legislative Policy Statement