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Catchup with Council- January 10, 2023 – Arts & Culture and Sales Tax Code

Strategic Plan Retreat

Town Council met at the First and Main building for their work session to discuss current conditions of the Frisco Strategic Plan and strategic priorities associated with the plan.

Adopting the 5-Year Arts and Culture Plan and establishing a Frisco Arts Council

Council passed a resolution adopting the 5-Year Arts and Culture Plan. The Frisco Five-Year Arts and Culture Plan maps out a five-year strategy to enable the implementation of arts and culture programming in Frisco that supports the community’s character, vision, and creative community, as well as goals and budgetary priorities. Staff presented the draft plan during the December 13, 2022 Council work session, during which Council directed staff to return with a resolution for its adoption, after making some changes to the plan. The plan subsequently called out the need to test the feasibility of proposed arts and culture programs before implementation. Specifically, Town Council wanted the plan to reflect a more measured and thoughtful approach to considering a music space that included a rehearsal space and recording studio. Highlights of the plan include a focus on opportunities for youth, identifying and filling gaps in arts and culture programing in Summit County, supporting mental health through programming that encourages community attachment, and the formation of Frisco Arts and Culture Council.

The establishment of the Frisco Arts and Culture Council (FACC) was passed on the first reading of Ordinance 23-01. The FACC will be tasked with making recommendations about arts and culture programming, testing the feasibility of arts and culture programs in the plan, and implementing those plan programs when determined to be in alignment with the Town’s goals and budgetary considerations. For the second reading (vote) of the ordinance on January 24, staff was asked to return with some change to the language of the ordinance to include removal of language around sustainability and quality of life in chapter 43-1. Also, Town Council liked the idea of providing an opportunity to have a Town Council member on the Arts and Culture Council and wanted to make this Town Council member appointment optional rather than required. Therefore, language will be adjusted to suggest that a Town Council member may be appointed, rather than requiring it.

Town Council will appoint the seven-member Arts and Culture Council through an application and interview process and at least five of those members must be Frisco residents. To offer ample opportunity for a diverse range of people to serve on this council, members will serve three-year terms after initial staggered terms, and members may serve no more than nine years. Once established, the FACC will be supported by two Town staff members who will act as a conduit between the Arts & Culture Council and other Town staff, as well as Town Council when needed, in order to assist in guiding decisions regarding Town resources and public art acquisitions within the proposed yearly budget and Town purchasing rules.

Sales Tax Code Updates

Council approved on first reading of an ordinance to update the sales tax code to allow the Town to remain consistent with ongoing changes in legislation and new technology found in Colorado State statutes. These revisions to the code, which include new and updated definitions, aim to provide clarification on current policy and add practical exemptions to the code. Some items of note, which have been proposed for sales tax exemption at the State level, are diapers, feminine hygiene products, retail delivery fees, and disposable bag fees. These State of Colorado tax exemptions are effective as of January 1, 2023. For clarity, the Town of Frisco does not currently charge sales tax on the $.25 bag fee, although it is currently not clearly exempted in the Town’s code.