Short Term Rental Taxes and Payments

Paying Short Term Rental Monthly Taxes

Owners of a Short Term Rental (STR) in the Town of Frisco are required to remit all applicable taxes.

The total tax to be collected and remitted is 10.725%.

– 2.9% State of Colorado sales tax
– 2.0% Summit County sales tax
– 0.75% Summit County mass transit tax (Summit Stage)
– 0.725% Special District (Summit County Housing Authority) sales tax
– 2.0% Town of Frisco sales tax
– 2.35%Town of Frisco lodging tax

General Sales & Lodging Tax Requirements for Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rental Tax Remittance

Short-Term Rental property owners must individually collect and remit directly the 2% Town of Frisco sales tax and 2.35% lodging tax (4.35% total) on all gross lodging sales/rental gross revenue/taxable receipts – there’s NO allowable deductions, i.e.: cleaning fees, hosting fees, property manager fees, advertising fees, repair fees, etc.

All short term rental properties will file tax returns online using the Town of Frisco’s Host Compliance site by the 20th of the month. The Town continues to allow a vendor’s fee deduction in the amount of 3.33% of your sales tax liability for returns filed on or before the due date.

Booking sites like AirBnB or other main platforms do NOT collect Town of Frisco sales and lodging taxes automatically. To collect Town of Frisco tax from your guests, you will need to visit the support page for the booking site that you use to rent your unit and search for “additional payment request”. It is every Short Term Rental licensee’s responsibility to check your tax settings on all your listing platforms.

Listing on VRBO (changes effective May 2021)

VRBO/Home Away/Expedia has begun to collect and remit Town of Frisco sales & lodging taxes ONLY on bookings AND stays that took place AFTER 5/1/2021. STR permit holders are still responsible for remitting to the Town of Frisco sales and lodging tax for any VRBO/Home Away/Expedia bookings that took place BEFORE 5/1/2021 and the stay occurs AFTER 5/1/2021. For example, if on 4/15/2021 you booked a stay for December 2021 through VRBO, you are still responsible for filing and paying sales and lodging taxes to the Town of Frisco. Please make sure to consult with VRBO customer support on your account if you have questions. Reference VRBO communication changes effective May 1, 2021.

You still MUST collect and remit Town of Frisco sales & lodging taxes (4.35% total) for your  VRBO bookings done before 5/1/21 for future stays.

State Taxes with Booking Sites

Booking sites such as VRBO and AirBnB are collecting and remitting certain taxes on behalf of homeowners directly to the State of Colorado. These tax collections only cover the State, County and Special District Taxes for a total of 6.375%.

Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies that typically manage properties that are owned by another party or entity, are required to have a Town of Frisco Business License and obtain an STR License for each property they manage in the Town of Frisco. Property Management Companies are required to collect and remit the 2.0% Frisco Sales Tax and 2.35% Lodging Tax to the Town (4.35% total) for each STR on a monthly basis (by the 20th) using the Host Compliance site.

Summit County Assessor

Colorado Statute requires anyone who owns a business or rents out their furnished residential property on a short or long term basis to declare their business equipment or residential rental furnishing/equipment.

Valuation of Personal Property

Valuation of Personal Property