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Catchup with Council, May 11, 2021 – Social Equity Training, Main Street Parklets and Promenade, Amending the 2021 Budget

Proclamation of Mental Health Awareness Month – May 1 -30, 2021

Frisco Town Council proclaimed May “Mental Health Awareness Month” in Frisco. The proclamation acknowledged that mental health is foundational to physical health and overall well-being, but has historically been stigmatized, thereby discouraging and limiting access to care for nearly two-thirds of all people with a diagnosable mental illness due to lack of support, misinformation, shame, and fear.

Also, residents of Summit County and Colorado face a higher incidence of substance abuse and mental health distress, as well as suicide rates as compared to the national average. Summit County has tragically lost beloved community members every year to death by suicide.

The Frisco Town Council supports the services provided by Building Hope Summit County in connecting residents with resources and wants residents to know that they are supported and encouraged to reach for help.  Also, 24 hour support is available with the Colorado Crisis Line at 844-493-8255 or by texting “TALK” to 38255.

Social Equity Training

The Frisco Town Council participated in the first of two social equity training sessions provided by the National League of Cities to deliver comprehensive Race, Equity, and Leadership (REAL) Racial Equity training. This first training encouraged engagement from the Town Council and presented the history of inequity, racism, and systemic policies that continue to negatively impact Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the United States today. The final session of this training is scheduled for the May 25, 2021 meeting.

Resolution Allows Continued Use of Public Spaces for Parklets and for Re-Opening the Pedestrian Promenade

The Frisco Town Council passed Resolution 21-13, which extends the Town Manager’s authority to approve business expansion into public spaces like the Promenade, with amendments that reflect the most recent change in public health orders; this resolution provides this authority through October 31, 2021 and allows for continued use of parklets and the re-opening of the Main Street Pedestrian Promenade on June 18, 2021.

On Second Reading Council Approves Amending the 2021 Annual Budget

Council first considered these budget amendments during their April 27, 2021 meeting and passed this ordinance amending the 2021 budget upon second reading during their May 11 meeting.

To recap- the Town began 2021 in a solid financial position, notably due to actions taken by the Town to mitigate possible financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic resiliency of the Town’s local businesses.  Revenues generated in the Town’s major funds in 2020 exceeded budget by 8%, and expenditures were well under budget, mainly as a result of capital project deferrals and the diligence of Town staff who focused on reducing expenditures during this time.

With the economic uncertainties still prevailing during preparation of the 2021 budget, however, Town Council adopted the 2021 budget with conservative appropriations for capital projects with direction to re-evaluate the Town’s financial position in the spring of 2021.  Staff presented Council with a budget amendment with additions to revenue, additional capital appropriations, and other items not budgeted during the budget process.  Staff recommended approving only capital projects likely to be able to fit within contractor and staff current workloads.

The following revisions are reflected in the budget amendment ordinance:


The budget amendment includes increases to revenue sources recommended by staff as follows:

  • The Town is eligible for $681,000 Federal funding under the American Rescue Plan and expects to receive 50% of that amount within 30 days, with the remainder to be remitted to the Town within the next year. The budget amendment includes $340,000 (50%) as a revenue increase in the General Fund in the budget amendment.
  • The budget amendment includes an increase in rental revenues in the Marina Fund to increase the rental revenues by $200,000, from $900,000 to $1.1M. Staff believes this revenue increase is reasonable with the increase in rental boat rates, along with the continued high demand for rental boats.


  • The budget amendment includes changes to the 2021 budgeted expenditures as follows:
  • Provide funding for unfilled positions and employee benefits – $454,152 – General Fund
  • Replenish the funding to complete improvements at Walter Byron Park – $350,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Restore additional funding for storm water and asphalt repair – $50,000 each – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Eliminate $15,000 set aside to redesign the Town Hall atrium – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Increase funding for the GAP project – $150,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding for the police department remodel – $600,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding to study viability of community ice amenity – $50,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding for purchase of snowcat – $235,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding to purchase snow compressor – $25,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding to purchase Nordic rental equipment – $10,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding to purchase skid steer – $40,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Add funding for Main Street Promenade – $30,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Dismantling/storage for historic cabin – $40,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Reallocate funding for VIC bathroom design to Lodging Tax Fund – $25,000
  • ·         Carryover funding for Historic Park consultant – $25,000 – Capital Improvement Fund
  • Increase funding for purchase of Mountainside condo – $425,000 – SCHA 5A Fund
  • Provide funding for administrative services at the Marina – $120,000 – Marina Fund
  • Provide funding to reorganize personnel at Frisco Bay Marina – $310,649 – Marina Fund

Council approved the second reading of Ordinance 21-05, an ordinance to amend the 2021 annual budget.