Downtown Complete Streets Plan

What is the Downtown Complete Streets Plan?

The Town of Frisco completed a major update to the Frisco Community Plan in 2019, which included a special mobility element that specifically defines the Town’s vision and goals for transportation improvements in the central core area of downtown Frisco.

Community outreach, conducted as part of the mobility analysis for the Plan update, showed strong support for a street design for Granite and Galena Streets that would make the downtown area more appealing to bicycle and pedestrian users by improving parking, and adding bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaping, and traffic calming elements. In conjunction with the Community Plan, the 2017 Frisco Trails Master Plan also contains recommendations relating to the development of complete streets policies in order to improve opportunities for safe and efficient multi-modal transportation throughout the community. Based on this feedback, the Frisco Town Council prioritized the creation of a complete streets plan for downtown Frisco that is inclusive, forward-thinking, and implementable as one of their 2021 Strategic Plan Goals.

The term “complete streets” is a transportation policy and design approach that incorporates the needs of all users into the safe, comfortable, and efficient design of the streetscape. A complete street design means that streets are convenient and accessible to all users including: pedestrians, bicyclists, mass transit riders, and automobiles.

“The Downtown Complete Streets Plan is a crucial step in our Strategic Plan for both providing quality core services and working towards a more inclusive community by developing ease of access beyond motorized use around Frisco. Change, growth, and development are inevitable, and the Town would like to this to happen in a sustainable way that retains the Town’s culture and charm,” says Frisco Mayor, Hunter Mortensen.

Project Goals and Scope

On May 14, 2021, the Town of Frisco released a request for proposals (RFP) for the design of a multi-modal, complete street plan for the downtown core area.  This plan will consider Frisco’s unique character in its design, accommodate ongoing changes, and guide future improvements in the downtown core area, which is bordered by Galena and Granite Streets to the north and south, and from Madison Avenue to the Frisco Bay Marina to the east and west.
Highlighted map of Frisco core area
The primary goals for the Downtown Complete Streets Plan are to further develop the conceptual street cross sections found in the 2019 Community Plan, and to develop policies that will serve as the regulatory standards for implementation by both private developments and public projects within the project area.

In order to reach those goals around safety and accessibility in the areas around Frisco Main Street, Frisco Town Council approved a contract with Toole Design Group for the Frisco Downtown Complete Streets Plan. The Toole Design Group was selected from eight proposals with four teams having been invited to interview for the project.  The total fee proposal for this project is $127,676.

Public Engagement

The Town of Frisco aims to bring transparency and community involvement to the process by providing several ways stay informed and get involved.

Public Presentation and Open House

On September 21st through 23rd Town staff and the consultant team hosted an interactive multi-day design charrette where Town staff and project consultants spoke to residents and business owners to learn how Main, Granite, and Galena Streets function today, what are community members’ main concerns, and where are areas for improvement. Over 100 community members participated in the charrette where planners and engineers were drawing in real-time to re-envision streets that are safer, more inviting, and more vibrant for all. The video above highlights the design concepts generated from the design charrette.