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Pete Swenson

Nordic Center & Trails Manager

Trails are a critical component of the recreational amenities available in and around Frisco, but they are also a significant part of our transportation network. Good trails and trail connections make it more comfortable and convenient for bicyclists and pedestrians to move through and around our community. This is a major reason why the Town of Frisco has embarked on a trails master planning process. Adopted in 2017, the Frisco Trails Master Plan (FTMP) created a comprehensive trails plan for Frisco and the surrounding area ensuring the strategic implementation trail development and improvements to achieve the community’s vision for trails, community connectivity and recreation corridors. The plan includes both hard surface (think Recreation Path) and soft surface (think dirt ) trails.

The Purpose of the 5-year Update

The Frisco Trails Master Plan update is intended to assess current existing trail and pathway conditions, confirm community priorities, develop a consistent wayfinding sign plan, and analyze capacity issues and potential solutions for trailhead management. Since the plan’s adoption, a great deal of progress has been made on implementing the various recommendations of the FTMP including:

  • Creation of new hard and soft surface trails
  • Adoption of a Complete Streets Plan to improve bicycle and pedestrian access in the central core area of Town
  • Embark on the development of a management model with USFS to adopt existing non-system trails and to build additional trails in Frisco’s Backyard

The Public Process

The Town of Frisco and the consultant team from SE Group hosted an all-day open house on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 to facilitate feedback on the Trails Master Plan (TMP) update. Over 60 people attended the open house and provided input on a variety of trail related topics, including what they feel is working well, what needs improvement, what type of trail amenities are most important, and locations for new trails and connections.

Community members can continue to provide input through an online version of the meeting materials and survey available below. Please give us your feedback by Friday, October 21, 2022.

Trails Master Plan Background

Town Council adopted Frisco Trails Master Plan (FTMP) in March 2017 in order to inventory and map existing trails, recommend future trails, determine areas that need wayfinding and maintenance, address bicycle and pedestrian connectivity throughout town, and prioritize projects for effective implementation in collaboration with partner organizations. Since the plan’s adoption, the Town has implemented several paved and dirt trail improvements throughout Town following recommendations outlined in the Plan.

Staff presented an update to the Frisco Town Council on various trail projects and accomplishments in June 2021, and reassessed the FTMP priorities. Along with the development of a five-year update to the Plan, which incorporates completed projects and new community goals, Council directed staff to:

  • Develop a management model for Council consideration to work with the US Forest Service (USFS) to adopt existing non-system trails and to build additional trails
  • Create a consistent signage and wayfinding plan for implementation throughout Town
  • Install new signage and complete striping recommendations as outlined in the FTMP
  • Study easements and feasibility for the creation of the Tenmile Trail and the connector along the west side of Highway 9
  • Continue to improve trails within Town limits for easier access to all commercial areas