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Police Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with a police officer after business hours? FOR ANY EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 9-1-1. Officers are on duty 24 hours every day and can be reached by calling the after hours dispatch center. The Dispatch non-emergency number is (970) 668-8600.  The police department administrative office telephones are forwarded to dispatch after regular business hours and on holidays.

To which police department do I report a crime?

Report crimes to the police agency where the crime occurred. Only crimes that occur within the town limits of Frisco should be reported to the Frisco Police, (970) 668-3579. Incidents that occur on I-70 and on Hwy 9 north of town should be reported to the Colorado State Patrol, (970) 668-6840. Incidents that occur outside the town limits (Bill’s Ranch, Highwood Terrace, etc.) should be reported to the Sheriff’s Office, (970) 453-2232.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Most police reports are public information and can be obtained simply by filling out a request form. If you cannot come directly to the police department, records can be obtained by mail or email. If you need a request form, contact the police department during business hours and we can mail, fax, or email one to you. You can also download a form here. The form must be mailed, faxed, or emailed to us with an original signature and a picture copy of the requestor’s driver’s license. Sorry, reports cannot be faxed.

How do I get an accident report if I’ve had to leave the scene of an accident?

If you have to leave the scene of an accident (during accident/weather alerts), this website directs you right to where you can fill out a police report.


Does the Town of Frisco have overnight parking?

 Yes- there are 2 lots in Frisco that accommodate overnight parking.

  1. There are 6 “overnight” designated spots on North 7th Avenue by Triangle Park on the east end of Main Street. There are signs indicating “overnight” parking.
  2. The West Main Street “Kayak” Lot is located on the west end of Frisco Main Street and is an official overnight lot. This lot is located next to I70/exit 201 and overnight parking is not signed, but is allowed in the lower lot, which is close to I70.

**A person can call dispatch at 668-8600 and request a “no tow” but if it snows in the area where the car is parked and the road needs to be plowed, the car will be towed and the owner of the car will be charged with a citation plus the towing fee even if they called it in. **

My vehicle was towed – where can I pick it up?

If your vehicle has been towed by the Frisco Police Department, it will be at Ski Country Shell, 1125 N Summit Blvd, phone (970) 668-3093.

How can I get a vehicle removed from my property?

If you need a vehicle towed from your private property, contact a local tow service. The police department will not tow vehicles from private property. If your vehicle was towed from private property, contact that property owner to see which tow company they used to tow your vehicle.

What do I do if my car breaks down and I can’t move it right away?

If your vehicle breaks down on the street and you can’t move it right away, contact the police department and request a “no tow” of your vehicle. If the vehicle is not a hazard, the police department may allow the vehicle remain at the location for 24 hours

How do I pay a ticket?

When you receive a ticket from the Frisco Police, the ticket will indicate if you are required to appear in court (summons) or have been assessed a penalty. If you have been assessed a penalty, payment can be sent to Frisco Municipal Court, PO Box 4100, Frisco, CO 80443, or show up in court on the court date indicated. The Frisco Municipal Court also accepts credit cards payment over the phone.  If you have any questions about a ticket, contact the respective court;  the ticket is issued for either Frisco Municipal Court, (970) 668-3579, or Summit County Combined Court, (970) 453-2272.

What happens if I choose to not pay a fine on a ticket?

If you do not pay the fine on your ticket, you will have to appear in court before the judge to plead your case.

What happens if I don’t show up in court?

If you do not show up for court, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. This warrant information is entered into a nationwide law enforcement computer system. Any officer that contacts you and obtains warrant information about you will arrest you and take you to the nearest jail facility.

Where is the Summit County jail?

The only jail facility in Summit County is located at the Justice Center at 501 N Park, Breckenridge. This is the same building that houses the Sheriff’s Office and the Summit County Combined Courts. From I-70, take exit 203. Travel 9 miles south on Hwy 9 to Breckenridge. Turn right at the lights on to N Park. Turn right onto Airport Rd. The Justice Center is located on your right.

How do I get someone out of jail?

Before a person is released from jail, they must post bond (pre-determined by the judge). If they cannot post bond, they will remain in jail until their court date. To post bond, the full amount must be paid in cash or certified funds, or a local bondsman can be contacted to post the bond for you. Bondsmen typically require a fee, 15% of the total bond and collateral for entire amount.

How do I get a restraining order on someone?

Restraining orders are issued through Summit County Combined Courts.   That number is (970) 453-2272.  If there is a harassment problem, first report that problem to the jurisdictional law enforcement agency where the harassment is occurring.

How can I get a concealed weapons permit?

All concealed weapon permits in the County are issued by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Where is it legal to shoot guns?

It is legal to shoot guns on national forest service land and on private property. Guns cannot be shot in residential areas, across roadways or trails, over a body of water, into live trees, or towards buildings or people. There is a public shooting range available at the top of the Landfill Rd in Keystone. Contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife for hunting information and regulations.

How do I find out more about Summit School District’s crisis services and safety programs?

Summit School District is committed to supporting the social-emotional and physical well-being of every student through positive relationships, safe environments and inclusive student climates.

How do I retrieve property including lost and found?

The police department will release property to include lost and found every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You can call (970) 668-3579 to verify that the property is ready for release.

How do I register my pets in Frisco?

All dogs and cats in Frisco should be registered with the Frisco Police Department. There is a $10.00 charge for spayed/neutered animals and a $15.00 charge for all others.  Please bring a current Rabies Certificate.

What can I do about dog problems in the community?

All animal regulation problems within Frisco are handled by the Frisco Police Department. Call (970) 668-3579 to report any problems or with any other questions.

What can I do about noise problems with my neighbors?

Frisco Police officers will respond to any complaint of unnecessary noise within the town limits. The reporting party has the option of signing a statement which will insure the offenders are issued a summons for disturbing the peace. If the reporting party wishes to remain anonymous, the officer will contact the offenders only if the same noise is evident to the officer when they arrive.

What should I do if I suspect a neighbor is doing something illegal?

If you suspect a neighbor of performing some type of illegal activity, (domestic violence, child abuse, drug use, etc.) we ask that you report this even if you don’t want to become involved . First of all, please consider calling 9-1-1 if the incident is in progress. The 9-1-1 center will have access to your phone number and address if you call them, however, you can ask to remain anonymous and not leave your name.

How can I get a list of the registered sex offenders in Frisco?

A list of registered sex offenders can be obtained from the jurisdictional law enforcement agency where you live. Contact your local law enforcement agency, and they can help you obtain a list of sex offenders living in your area.

How do I get more information about Frisco- restaurants, shops, lodging, trails, etc…?

Please visit the Frisco/Copper Visitor Information Center at 300 Main Street or give them a call at (970) 668-5547. is also a great resource for Frisco information