Town of Frisco Broadband Planning

In late 2023, the Town of Frisco began a search for a firm to assist the Town with some internet and broadband planning, which would include a feasibility study, analysis, planning, and design of a new fiberoptic broadband network in the Town of Frisco.  

Frisco Town Council has made it a strategic priority to support more reliable and faster internet and broadband service to Frisco residents and businesses, and therefore, has directed Town staff to install conduit when possible during larger construction projects to allow for the installation of fiber infrastructure in the future. While this is an important step, Town Council quickly saw that there is a need for a strategic plan regarding how the Town can bring better internet service to reality for businesses and residents. Heads up- public/private partnerships and all manner of creative solutions will be considered as part of this plan, and we need your help to make this plan accurate and actionable.

How can you help shape Frisco’s broadband future?

Bonfire was subsequently hired by the Town of Frisco to do the strategic internet and broadband planning summarized above, and two of the first steps in that process that they identified are to determine community needs and the speed of current internet connections. Therefore, we are asking Frisco residents and businesses to:

1- Fill out the survey below
2- Take the internet speed test below on a device in your home or business connected to the internet

Help shape Frisco’s internet and broadband future by taking the survey below and the internet speed test.

Take the Community Broadband Survey

We’re conducting a survey to gauge internet services and satisfaction within Frisco town limits. Your input is crucial in understanding internet speeds and usage. This survey is anonymous, and your feedback will directly impact future initiatives. Please take five minutes to complete this anonymous survey.

Take the Internet Speed Test

Please test your internet/broadband speed on a device in your home or business connected to the internet by clicking “Go” below and giving us some great data to assess community internet and broadband needs! This internet/broadband speed test measures your internet connection’s performance in real-time. It’s quick, easy, and helps bring greater understanding to broadband and internet connectivity needs in the Frisco community.