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Hilary Sueoka

Environmental Programs Coordinator

The Town of Frisco offers a number of free programs designed to make your household or business environmental footprint much smaller.

Renewable Rebates

In 2021, Frisco residents are once again eligible to participate in the Solarize Summit program to receive a limited number of $1,500 rebates for Frisco residents or businesses who purchase solar systems through the Solarize Summit program.

Energy Efficiency

Resource Wise Business Program

The Resource Wise Business Program is a voluntary free program that recognizes and encourages businesses to add sustainability strategies into their day to day operations. The program promotes energy savings and waste reduction opportunities for businesses, which in turn also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To find out more visit the Resource Wise Business Program page on HC3’s website or call HC3 at 970-668-5703.

Frisco Residential Energy Smart Program

The Energy Smart Program is another partnership between the Town of Frisco and HC3. It is a voluntary residential program to assist homeowners in making energy improvements. An Energy Smart auditor will perform a home safety and energy audit of your home, after which, the program will assist homeowners in implementing energy upgrades to their homes.

To find out more visit the Energy Smart Program page on HC3’s website or call HC3 at 970-668-5703.

Water Efficiency

The Town of Frisco offers a number of programs geared towards water efficiency for businesses and residents as part of its Water Efficiency Plan, including a fixture rebate program, sprinkler efficiency program, and indoor water efficiency checkups. Learn more here.

Free Irrigation System Check Ups

Check back in June 2022 for details and updates on this seasonal offering.

Free Indoor Water Use Check Ups

Town of Frisco Plumbing Fixture Replacement Program