Trash Collectors

The Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) is a non-hazardous waste facility located at 639 Landfill Road, two miles north of Keystone, Colorado, 0.2 miles north of U.S. Highway 6. The landfill is operated by Summit County Government is the only landfill serving Summit County. Landfill services are available Monday through Saturday from 6:00am to 6:00pm and the office can be reached by phone at 970-468-9263.

The Town of Frisco does not provide trash service. However, the private contractors listed below provide curbside trash collection in Frisco.

Be aware that many of homeowners associations (HOA’s) in Town provide this service. If you have an HOA contact them before starting any service.

Trash Cans Out in the Morning and Put Away in the Evening & A Few More Tips to Protect Our Bruins

  • Frisco town code states that garbage receptacles must be used for trash and should have lids which keep out animals.
  • Also, the code states that garbage receptacles should only be placed at the curb on the day of pickup, and should be removed from the curb no later than 10:00pm on the same day as garbage pickup.
  • Failing to follow the code may not only result in a ticket, but could also result in a bear being euthanized if it is habituated to human food sources.
  • The Town recommends that garbage receptacles be kept indoors whenever possible, but if they cannot then lids need to be secured properly.
  • Also, the Town reminds residents to close garage doors, lock house doors and cars, and take down bird feeders.