Town Council Members

Portrait of Hunter Mortensen

Hunter Mortensen

Title: Frisco Mayor
Tel: 970-227-5163

Lived in Frisco Since: 1978

Career Information: Professional Ski Patroller

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: Council Member: April 2014 – April 2022; Mayor April 2020 - April 2024

Educational Background: BA degree in English Colorado State University


I ran for Frisco Town Council because it is my time to give back to the community in which I grew up. I now find it to be the perfect time to run for Mayor to help continue a positive community and environment first philosophy. As a native of Frisco I bring a unique perspective that the Council has not had before. I not only remember where we have come from but I also represent the future of this community. As a council member I would have nothing to gain personally, my interests would be that of the town and its residents. The town is poised for important decisions in the coming years. With the foundation that the past councils have built, Frisco will be looking forward to a new set of challenges, growing tax revenue, infrastructure repairs and upgrades, town improvements to accommodate future growth, all while maintaining the spirit of the Town of Frisco and the reason why we all have chosen Frisco as home. As a working resident who has committed to my current job for the past decade and a half, I bring years of community involvement including sitting on the Board of Directors for the Summit County Rescue Group and as a founding board member of the Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment 501c3. I have made a commitment to making Frisco home and look forward to the opportunity to help be an active part of its future.

Portrait of Jessica Burley

Jessica Burley

Title: Frisco Mayor Pro Tem
Tel: 541-350-8089

Lived in Frisco Since: 2011

Career Information: Sustainability Officer, Town of Breckenridge (Present); Community Programs Manager, High Country Conservation Center; Adjunct of Sustainability Studies, Colorado Mountain College

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: Peak One Neighborhood HOA

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: April 2016 – April 2024

Educational Background: M.A. International Development, University of Denver; B.A. International Studies and Anthropology, Emory University


It didn’t take long to realize that Frisco was the community I wanted to settle down in and be a part of. After moving into the Peak One Neighborhood, I set out to become more involved in the community, and as a Town Council Member, my goal is to help guide the future of our small mountain town so it remains friendly and accommodating to the locals who give it so much character.

As the Town looks toward future development, a focus should be on maintaining the organic nature of the community and its amenities. In addition, I believe we should seek to balance future development with meeting the needs of the local workforce and our natural environment. Frisco is special because of our amazing environment, and we should strive to have a mutually beneficial relationship with it. As our community continues to rank among the top mountain adventure towns in the west, we need to ensure we live up to our reputation. Since being in office, I have helped lead the adoption of the Climate Action Plan, 100 percent renewable energy goals, multi-modal community development, single use bag fee program, and zero energy ready home program. These are cutting edge policies that set the foundation for a more sustainable, healthy, and thriving community. We can no longer wait and see about the impacts of development on our small town, but rather we need to guide that development with smart decisions for Frisco’s future.

Portrait of Rick Ihnken

Rick Ihnken

Title: Frisco Town Council Member
Tel: 970-389-0530

Lived in Frisco Since: 1995

Career Information: Station 3 Captain, West Metro Fire Rescue; Part-time ski patroller, Arapahoe Basin; Former Flight for Life Flight Paramedic

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: Peak One Neighborhood HOA; Former Board Member for other HOA boards; Rotary Community Dinner Volunteer, High Country Conservation Zero Waste Warrior

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: May 2016 - April 2024

Educational Background: Pursuing B.A. Fire Service Management, Columbia Southern University; Public Safety Leadership Development Program, University of Denver; Paramedic Training, Rutgers University; A.D. General Studies, Colorado Mountain College


I have served on the Frisco Town Council the past four years.  While on council we have updated the building code, hired two town managers, completed the BIG dig and tied the budget to our strategic plan.  Additionally, we have adopted and approved the 2019 Community Plan, Trails Master Plan and prioritized a Parks Improvement Plan.  We are working on phase two at the Marina and in the process of creating a master plan for the Peninsula Recreation Area.  I have worked to create partnerships with CDOT, community groups and other local municipalities.  One of my future goals is to identify dedicated funding for town programs, instead of using the general fund.

Three issues facing Frisco are: Housing, Exit 203 and infrastructure needs.  Workforce housing is a challenge in Summit County and in the Town of Frisco, 1,000 units are needed in the Ten-Mile Basin alone.  We are using the work of the Housing Taskforce to get something out of the ground on several sights.  Exit 203 is on the CDOT list of projects.  Silverthorne and Dillon have identified Exit 205 as their priority.  Frisco has partnered with Silverthorne, Dillon and Summit County to bring one voice to the table to get these projects started.  Infrastructure in Frisco needs to be evaluated, the Public Works team does a great job and deserve support through funding.  As we see a higher full-time and seasonal occupancy rate more strain will be placed on infrastructure.  We need to be forward thinking; growth will continue in Frisco I would like to be a steward for our community.

Portrait of Dan Fallon

Dan Fallon

Title: Frisco Town Council Member
Tel: 970-389-6950

Lived in Frisco Since: 1990

Career Information: Former Restaurant Owner: Barkley’s Margaritagrille Restaurant, Barkley’s West Nightclub, Chill Nightclub, Po’ boys Restaurant and Peppino’s Pizza and Subs

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: Over the last 20 years, I have served on numerous Town committees, including a Town of Frisco Master Plan committee. In the last 6 months, I have served on the Frisco Housing Task Force and I am currently a member of the Frisco Marina Master Plan committee.

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: April 2006 - April 2008, April 2018 - April 2022

Educational Background: General Studies, Cornell University


I have been fortunate to have spent most of my adult life in Frisco. I met my wife Shannon here and we genuinely appreciate the opportunity we are afforded to raise our two sons, Eamonn (12) and Owen (8), here in this incredible environment. I know from experience the considerable time required of a Council member to responsibly represent the concerns of the citizens. I have the time to make this a priority and I believe that my 20+ years of business experience would be an asset to the Council as it prepares to meet the challenges looming in the next term.

The next Council will have to: complete and implement the overdue Town of Frisco Master Plan, including the Marina and PRA plans; -utilize 5A funds and other Town resources to address the enduring workforce and attainable housing crisis while anticipating the effects of density in the Central Core and other workforce housing development; implement policy to mitigate the adverse effects of short term rentals; undertake a comprehensive parking policy and transportation review; consider the final development plan for Highway 9 from Main Street to the Peninsula entrance; ensure that the services and investments in amenities we value as a community are responsibly reconciled in the budget. The primary responsibility of a councilperson is to ensure the long-term financial security of the Town.

I am looking forward to getting to work with the citizens of Frisco to synthesize a proactive and financially responsible plan for Frisco’s future.

Portrait of Melissa Sherburne

Melissa Sherburne

Title: Frisco Town Council Member
Tel: 970-222-3983

Lived in Frisco Since: 2010

Career Information: Melissa has spent her career working in community planning and development in the mountains and is a member of the Urban Land Institute.

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: Frisco Planning Commission: 2012 – 2018, Marina Master Plan Advisory Committee, Unified Development Code Citizen Resource Team, Make Frisco Art Collective

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: April 2018 - April 2022

Educational Background: Master of Environmental Management, Duke University; B.A. Environmental Studies, CU-Boulder; American Institute of Certified Planners; LEED-Accredited Professional


Living in Frisco for the last 9 years, raising my children here, I have learned that there is something truly unique and special about this town. Frisco is independent and authentic, with strong community values. We cherish our local businesses, take pride in our history, and feel connected to the outdoors. I am concerned that these qualities are at risk, and want to help preserve what makes Frisco such an incredible place to call home.

Housing is vital to our future and will require creative solutions in the years ahead. As a resident of Peak One Neighborhood, I see every day what a positive impact a great neighborhood can have on individuals and families. Our Council needs to ensure that there are opportunities for people of all ages, incomes, and stages of life to live and thrive in Frisco.

Frisco has a wonderful array of businesses and recreational opportunities that support a healthy year-round economy – from Main Street and Highway 9, to the Marina and PRA. Looking forward, we need to foster local businesses that define Frisco’s character; stay on-trend with recreation while maintaining authenticity; and continue to attract new businesses that align with our vision for economic sustainability. We will also need to carefully examine how large projects can affect our long-term quality of life.

Frisco is a gem amongst mountain towns and I care deeply about its future. I am honored to serve this community on the Frisco Town Council.

Portrait of Andrew Aerenson

Andrew Aerenson

Title: Frisco Town Council Member
Tel: 970-333-0067

Lived in Frisco Since: 2015

Career Information: Real estate/ business entrepreneur, real estate/business attorney; Business law college professor; Full-time ski instructor, Breckenridge Ski Resort; E&J Gallo Winery salesman - Summit County, Vail and Aspen

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: The Summit Foundation Board of Trustees; Rotary Club of Summit County; Summit County Board of Equalization; Red Cross Disaster Supervisor; Breckenridge Heritage Alliance; CMC Mountain Scholars mentor

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: April 2020 - April 2024

Educational Background: Business Degree – Marketing major, University of Denver; Dickinson School of Law, Pennsylvania State University


My wife Marci and I live in Frisco for the same reason we hear from so many other residents… we value community. Starting last summer, I have been meeting with many of Frisco’s residents, business owners and community leaders. What I heard again and again is that we want Frisco to remain a small town with a big sense of community (almost like a neighborhood).  When addressing locals’ issues like housing, childcare and wages, or issues affecting both locals and tourists like short term rental regulations, events and recreational facilities, Council needs to focus on how these decisions impact the character of our Frisco community. Fundamentally, Council needs to identify and nurture the very best ideas and opportunities, plan ways to manage our popularity, integrate environmental thinking, and ensure that all residents share in the successes of our thriving town.

To effectively manage the issues in Frisco, we need a Council with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The perspective I offer comes from my years as an entrepreneur, businessman and real estate/business attorney. My professional expertise for 20+ years was advising and helping individuals, corporations and charitable organizations navigate the challenges of buying, selling, owning and managing businesses and real estate.

Family, friends and clients describe me as extremely reasonable, logical and respectful. Decisions only get made after exploring all sides of an issue. These are skills and perspectives that will serve Frisco Town Council and Frisco’s residents well as we continue to guide and preserve our spectacular mountain town community.

Portrait of Andy Held

Andy Held

Title: Frisco Town Council Member
Tel: 970-333-4471

Lived in Frisco Since: 1987

Career Information: Owner, Held Joinery

Previous Participation in Town Boards or Committees: Frisco Planning Commission: June 2018 – April 2020; Summit County Wildfire Council Representative; Make Frisco Arts Council Committee Member

Town Council Terms Served & Serving: April 2020 - April 2022


A resident of Frisco for 33 years, I am a passionate, active citizen and business owner. I will champion the issues that matter most. Housing, short term rentals, infrastructure, sustainable smart design, support the arts and remain a diligent force to protect our town from wildfire. If the good people of Frisco see fit to elect me, it would be my honor to fervently serve their needs.