Frisco Nordic Center Master Development Plan 2019

What is the Frisco Nordic Center Master Development Plan?

The 2019 Frisco Nordic Center Master Development Plan (MDP) provides a detailed assessment of existing facilities and operations at the Frisco Nordic Center, as well as a comprehensive overview of planned elements within the Nordic Center’s US Forest Service Special Use Permit (SUP) area. It is important to note that the Nordic Center is located on the greater Peninsula Recreation Area, which includes both National Forest System (NFS) and Town of Frisco managed lands. As the Nordic Center is operated under a 40-year ski area SUP, this MDP is required by Forest Service permit requirements and specifically references the Nordic Center; however, planning included in this document looks at the Peninsula Recreation Area holistically and, in some cases, uses the terms Nordic Center and Peninsula Recreation Area interchangeably.

Why does the Town of Frisco Need a Master Development Plan for the Nordic Center?

The MDP discusses planned year-round activities, including both winter and summer components slated for implementation within approximately the next ten years. A MDP is required in order for the Forest Service to evaluate and approve any changes in winter and summer activities at the Peninsula Recreation Area. Forest Service acceptance of this MDP would be consistent with the permit requirements of the Nordic Center, but does not constitute approval of any of projects contained within this document. Approval of the projects contained within this document by the Dillon Ranger District of the White River National Forest (WRNF) is required prior to implementation and cannot occur without detailed analysis consistent with the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970 (NEPA). This MDP is designed to be dynamic and may be amended periodically to reflect new developments in facilities and recreation.