File a Short-Term Rental Complaint

Short-Term Rental Complaint Hotline

The Town of Frisco has a 24-hour Short-Term Rental complaint hotline with GovOS/Munirevs to report non-emergency issues such as parking, noise, trash or occupancy-limit violations, or to report a suspected unregistered Short-Term Rental property- 970-432-8291.

If you have photos or video of a short-term rental violation they can be uploaded here. (Examples include but are not limited to: illegal parking, trash left out)

Be Prepared When You Report a Complaint

When you are submitting a Short-Term Rental complaint, you should be prepared to provide the address you are calling about and a detailed description of the issue. Photographs, audio recordings and videos may also be submitted.

Host Compliance will contact the 24/7 Emergency Contact for the specified property. The 24/7 Emergency Contact will then have 60 minutes to respond and inform GovOS/MuniRevs of the planned resolution. Your report is also sent to the Short-Term Rental staff via email only. Someone from our Short-Term Rental staff will follow up with you within 72 hours if you provided contact information.


If the issue needs immediate action, we also encourage you to contact the Town of Frisco non-emergency police dispatch can be reached at 970-668-8600.


If a situation seems dangerous and/or urgent, please call 911.