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What You Need to Know About Short-Term Rentals (STRs) in Frisco

  • Each short-term rental unit or property is required to have a short-term rental license, and taxes must be remitted and paid to the Town of Frisco.
  • The STR license application fee is $250 per year. All STR licenses expire April 30th. The Town does NOT prorate the STR license fee.
  • An STR license holder must designate an emergency contact (responsible agent) who is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to respond to and resolve complaints.
  • There is a maximum occupancy of two (2) individuals per bedroom plus four (4) additional occupants. For example – if you
    have a 2-bedroom unit, your maximum occupancy is eight (8).

STR Requirements

A parking plan will need to be submitted with the application – either a photograph (Google Maps is a good resource) or an illustration showing the allowable parking. Please indicate each parking space on your parking plan.

  • No motor vehicles parked on landscaped areas, public streets or public right-of-ways
  • No person permitted to stay overnight in a parked vehicle
  • Owner to submit parking plan to town and share with guests

A life safety affidavit, which is signed by the STR owner, must be submitted with the application attesting to the
following requirements:

  • Premises conforms to the applicable requirements of the Town’s building, technical and safety codes
    adopted by reference in Chapter 65 of the Town of Frisco Municipal Code
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are properly installed and
    maintained in an operable condition
  • All wood burning fireplaces, stoves and chimneys are cleaned on an annual basis

Renters must be provided with an information notice, which will include address, emergency information and other information in a highly visible location :

  • Contact information for police, fire and ambulance services
    • 911 for emergencies
    • 970-668-8600 for non-emergencies ex: noise complaint
  • The physical address of the STR property
  • Contact information for the 24/7 Emergency Contact
  • Town of Frisco STR license
  • The location of fire extinguishers and fire escape routes
  • Location, by photograph or narrative, for vehicle parking and maximum number of parked vehicles permitted for the property
  • Alternative parking locations (if any) for vehicles exceeding the maximum number of parked vehicles permitted for the property
  • Location of trash and recycling receptacles and the rules and regulations regarding disposal – shall comply with section 127-17 of the town code
  • Snow removal instructions or information
  • Policies regarding noise – shall comply with section 127-53 of the town code – noise ordinance
  • Policies regarding pets
  • Applicable homeowners’ association policies specific to the property

Additional Regulations include but are not limited to:

  • No person shall camp outdoors overnight
  • No overnight use of recreational vehicles or trailers
  • Advertising for STRs must include reference to Town of Frisco STR license number and approved maximum occupancy
  • Guests may be held responsible for failure to follow parking, trash/recycling, occupancy, noise and nuisance, camping and temporary structures guidelines.
  • Owners are solely responsible for complying with STR requirements regarding the renters’ information notice, life safety standards and advertising requirements.

Denial, Revocation and Suspension of License

  • If found guilty in Municipal Court of more than one violation of Town Code within one year
  • Operating in violation of building, fire, health or safety codes – based on official investigation and
  • determination – 20 day correction period allowed
  • Failure to file or pay applicable sales and lodging taxes
  • Failure to pay annual license application fee

  • More than one license suspension within past year
  • False or misleading application materials
  • Operation of STR during a suspension
  • Any conditions that would have warranted a denial of license at the time of application

An applicant or licensee may appeal a denial, suspension or revocation of the STR property license to the Town Manager
and shall be entitled to a hearing before the Town Manager. Said appeal shall be made in writing, stating the grounds for
appeal, within five (5) working days of the denial, suspension or revocation of the license. In the event of a suspension or
revocation hearing, the business may continue to operate during the hearing process.

Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Read the full Town of Frisco ordinances regarding Short-Term Rentals