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The Town of Frisco has long shown thoughtfulness around sustainability issues through efforts like zero waste events, installing solar on town buildings, and purchasing hybrid town vehicles. In their 2019-2020 Strategic Plan, Frisco Town Council committed to doing even more to collaboratively protect and sustain our treasured environment by ensuring new development achieves a balance between the natural and built environment, and implementing initiatives to address climate change and protect our vibrant mountain resources.

Summit Community Climate Action Plan

In April 2019, Frisco Town Council adopted the 2019 Summit Community Climate Action Plan through a resolution. The Plan is the product of the Summit Climate Action Collaborative, a group of communities, businesses and organizations who funded and provided input on the plan. In addition to helping Frisco fulfill its own sustainability goals, the Climate Action Plan helps the Town meet our Compact for Colorado Communities commitments, which Frisco signed on to in September 2017. The Plan sets overall goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Summit County 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, outlining these key priorities:

  • Renewable Energy: Reduce emissions from electricity use 100% by 2035
  • Building Energy: Reduce emissions from building energy use 21% by 2030 and 36% by 2050
  • Transportation: Reduce emissions from transportation 25% by 2030 and 91% by 2050
  • Waste: Reduce emissions from waste 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050
  • Forest: Maintain forest cover in Summit County and improve forest resilience

Frisco Community Action & Resiliency Plan

The Town of Frisco is developing its first-ever Community Action and Resiliency Plan to support community resilience and adaptation through climate education, policy, programs, and infrastructure. The Town is creating the plan based on community input, best practices, and technical analysis. The Plan will offer a Frisco-specific roadmap that will serve as a guide for the next five years, building upon the 2019 Summit Community Climate Action Plan.

Energy Action Plan

In October 2022, the Town of Frisco adopted an Energy Action Plan through Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy with a vision, goal, and strategies to guide Frisco towards a renewable future. The Plan supports the Town’s existing resolution to reach 100% renewable energy by 2035, and our support of the Summit Community Climate Action Plan. During this 7-month process, the Energy Action Team selected four focus areas to prioritize strategies and resources: residents, businesses & institutions, municipal facilities, and regional partnerships. The team identified several strategies to include education, outreach, support, expanded rebates, and expansion of the Solarize Summit program to meet energy goals.

Energy Conservation Programs

Check out the programs offered by the Town of Frisco, HC3, and Xcel Energy that can help you save energy and money!

The Resource Wise Business Program is a voluntary free program through HC3 that recognizes and encourages businesses to add sustainability strategies into their daily operations. The program promotes energy savings and waste reduction opportunities for businesses, which in turn also helps to reduce GHG emissions.

Take advantage of energy assessments, equipment rebates, energy-use tracking and cost savings programs from Xcel Energy when making improvements to your business.

The Energy Smart Colorado partnership with HC3 is a voluntary residential program designed to assist homeowners in making energy improvements. An energy analyst will perform a safety and energy assessment of your home, and the program will assist homeowners in implementing energy upgrades based on the assessment recommendations. Check out more on local Energy Smart rebates, too!

Take advantage of rebates from Xcel Energy when making improvements to your home! Explore these quick ways to save energy at home from Xcel Energy.

Wind & Solar

Town of Frisco residents and businesses are eligible to participate in the Solarize Summit program to receive up to $1,500 in rebates for installing solar energy systems through this program. While Solarize Summit rebates are sold out for Breckenridge and Summit County homeowners, HC3 still has a few $1500 rebates for Frisco residents! Learn more by visiting High Country Conservation Center – you can also join their waitlist for 2024.

Not ready for a solar installation? Homeowners, renters, and businesses can still benefit from renewable energy by signing up for Xcel’s wind and solar energy subscriptions.

Waste Reduction

We are always looking for innovative and sustainable waste reduction and diversion opportunities to do our part in protecting our natural environment. Our current programs include community-wide recycling, free compost, and new ordinances with volume-based trash and recycling services.

Water Conservation

The Town of Frisco is committed to protecting the quantity and quality of our water. We offer several programs that empower and incentivize Frisco residents and businesses to conserve water and lower their water bill.

Electric Vehicle Readiness

In an ongoing effort to encourage use of electric vehicles, the Town of Frisco added two new dual-port electric vehicle charging stations on 3rd Avenue between Main Street and Granite Street for a total of five dual-port charging stations. There are also EV chargers at the Frisco Bay Marina by the playground and at the Frisco Adventure Day Lodge. Frisco was awarded a grant from Charge Ahead Colorado to install the multi-port stations.

On January 1, 2023, the Town of Frisco began implementing a fee of $.25 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the use of the Town’s electric vehicle charging stations. An overstay charge of $20/hour after four hours (up to $50) will also apply in order to promote turnover at the charging stations and allow more users to charge their vehicles. While all charging stations have been free to users up until December 31, 2022, the intent has always been to transition these stations to fee-based usage after an initial promotional period.

The stations locations are listed on charging station location apps like ChargePoint and PlugShare.

Single-use Bag Fee Remittance Information for Businesses