Frisco Bay Marina

The Marina, Dillon Reservoir, and Denver Water

The Frisco Bay Marina is located on the shores of Dillon Reservoir in the heart of Summit County, Colorado on the eastern end of Frisco Main Street. In 2005, the Town of Frisco took over management of Frisco Bay Marina, and in 2019, the Town of Frisco began significant improvements at the marina, which deepened the bay, enlarged the beach, and improved connectivity in accordance with the Marina Master Plan adopted in June 2018.

  • The Marina offers boat and paddle sport rentals, boat storage, a sandy beach, and waterside dining.
  • At 9,017 ft. in elevation, the boating season is weather dependent, but typically runs from early June to early or mid September.
  • The Town of Frisco owns 3.26 acres of land at the Marina and leases seven acres of land from Denver Water for the operation of the Frisco Bay Marina.
  • Completed in 1963, Dillon Reservoir is Denver Water’s largest reservoir and has an earth-fill dam, which is 5,888 feet long by 231 feet above the Blue River streambed. Denver Water provides water to 1.5 million people in the city of Denver and many surrounding suburbs.
  • The Reservoir spans 3,300 acres and boasts 27 miles of shoreline.
  • Dillon Reservoir is also a world class destination for sailing, and regattas are regularly held on the reservoir.

October 2020 Frisco Bay Marina Operational Performance Audit

In October of 2020, an audit of all Frisco Bay Marina operations was completed by F3 Marina.  F3 Marina spent two weeks interviewing staff and Marina customers. Their report with recommendations for the Frisco Bay Marina’s operations and a re-evaluation of the Marina’s fee structure were presented to the Frisco Town Council on November 10, 2020 and December 8, 2020 respectively. During the winter of 2020/21, the Frisco Bay Marina will begin implementing some of the recommendations made in the report and approved by Frisco Town Council, regarding Marina fees. Summer 2021 changes impacting storage fees:

  • Slips and moorings are to be billed by actual boat measurement from furthest front point to furthest aft point. Measurements will be taken by staff, anchor rollers will be measured with the anchor in place, and motors must be attached when measurements are taken.
  • Dry storage, trailer storage, and winter storage will be billed by the boats square footage and trailer measures.  Measurements will be taken by staff, and storage measurements will include the furthest front point to the the furthest aft point.
2020 Frisco Bay Marina Operational Performance Audit Report