Waste Reduction

Recycling in Summit County

The Town of Frisco and Summit County appreciate your interest and dedication to appropriate waste management.

There are two major resources for waste disposal in the county: S.C.R.A.P (Summit County Resource Allocation Park) which oversees the actual recycling operations and the Summit County Landfill. Here you can dispose of:

  • Appliances,
  • Electronics,
  • Household hazardous waste,
  • Motor oils/antifreeze,
  • Scrap metal,
  • Tires, and
  • Wood waste.

High Country Conservation Center (HC3) is a popular local resource for information on recycling, waste disposal, green building initiatives, efficient and renewable energy and other important conservation topics.

Free recycling drop-off centers are located in Frisco, Silverthorne, and Blue River.

If you have specific questions about what can/cannot be recycled in the County please view the Summit County Recycling Guide, read HC3’s recycling guides for more information, or search using HC3’s Recycling Robot widget to confirm your item’s recyclable status.

Remember to always Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (in that order) and Compost whenever possible!
Styrofoam is NEVER recyclable, so avoid it at all costs.
Don’t forget that single-use coffee cups, paper towels, and tissue paper are NOT recyclable; nor is shredded paper.
Screw caps should be removed from all plastic bottles to ensure the safety of plant workers in Denver.
If you have the opportunity to upcycle or repurpose an item, do so.
Don’t be afraid to start a conversation among peers to develop new ideas on repurposing items or organizing community recycling or clean up efforts! Saving the planet starts at home.
Be aware of packaging on items if/when purchasing them new; always aim to buy things that can easily be reused.
Refillable water bottles and cups are an easy way to reduce single use plastic waste. There is a large array of products available, from personal use silverware to reusable sandwich and snack bags. Opt for items that can be washed and reused rather than purchasing items that are limited to single use.
Stay aware of your water use! 75% of water waste happens in the bathroom so limit your showers, upgrade to low flow appliances and/or turn off the water when not actively in use.
Share recycling strategies and consider getting your kiddos, friends and neighbors involved. Community starts at home and caring for our planet benefits us all. Keep sustainability at the forefront of your mind and conversations.
Contact HC3 for a complimentary home energy assessment to reduce your home’s energy use by completing suggested energy improvements to qualify for potential rebates.
The Summit County Landfill is estimated to reach its capacity by 2055. Conscious efforts to recycle will help improve the landfill’s longevity and provide appropriate waste management options for an extended period of time.

Food Scrap Program

Summit County residents can recycle their food scraps for free at four drop-off locations. Once you enroll, you will receive a code to access the food scrap bins. This code changes periodically to prevent trash dumping. You will be notified via email of code changes and program updates.

Call HC3 at 970-668-5703 with any questions or if you are interested in establishing a food scrap collection at your HOA or office.

To learn more about composting opportunities visit Summit County’s guide to composting or register for the food scrap program through HC3.

Thank you in advance for your choosing to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost!