Parks Master Plan

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Katie Kent

Community Development Director

On October 8, 2019, Frisco Town Council adopted the Neighborhood Parks Master Plan. This plan will serve as a guide for future investment and improvements for four of our community parks: Pioneer, Meadow Creek, Walter Byron, and the Old Town Hall & Community Center Parks. The development of these plans was supported by a comprehensive community outreach process that included open houses, online surveys, and public work sessions with Town Council on design development. The final outcome is the Neighborhood Parks Master Plan.


In the 2019 budget, Town Council approved funds for park improvements. As part of the community outreach process for the Community Plan update, a special public meeting was held on November 7, 2018. This meeting was focused on defining the character, opportunities, and challenges at each of Frisco’s community parks. Outcomes from the meeting included a prioritization for improvements at four parks including: Walter Byron, Meadow Creek, Pioneer Park and Old Town Hall and Community Center Parks. In order to thoughtfully plan for upgrades and improvements, staff is conducting a master planning process for each of these parks. Frisco has contracted with Norris Design to help facilitate the planning process.

Three Phases of Parks Master Planning

  1. Community outreach – The Town hosted a series of open houses to solicit community input on enhancements for four neighborhood parks. The open houses were held on location in order to focus attention on the specific conditions of that park. Participants were asked to share their opinion on current facilities and ideas for enhancements. The meetings were held from 4:00 – 6:00 pm on four consecutive Wednesdays during the month of May 2019 beginning with Pioneer Park on May 8, 2019. A community wide survey was also conducted both online and via mail. This information was complied into an easy to read Outreach Summary Infographic.
  2. Conceptual design development – where key concepts developed from the public input were shared at the Town Council Work Session.
  3. Final design and budgeting document – which includes details on each park design as well as cost estimates for implementation phasing and budgeting.

Why were Some Parks Not Included?

Major planning efforts for both the Frisco Marina and the Peninsula Recreation Area have taken place over the past couple of years and facility improvements for both of these areas are currently underway.  More information on planning and development at these facilities can be found below: