Town Code and Town Charter

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Frisco, CO 80443 United States

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Calie Cuculis

Executive Assistant & Deputy Town Clerk

The links below will open up, in PDF format, the various sections of the Frisco Town Code, the rules and regulations created and enforced by the town government. The Unified Development Code, popularly known as the zoning code is the last chapter, 180. If you have question pertains specifically to a zoning issue, contact the Community Development Department. Keep in mind that the Town Code is changing continuously and there is a time lapse between when the Town Council approves a code change and when it is posted here.

Town Charter

The Frisco Town Charter established Frisco as a home rule town in 1988 and includes the regulations by which the Town is run.

Town Code

Chapter Description

1 General Provisions
4 Board of Appeals
6 Annexation
9 Bidding Procedures and Contract Formation
10 Council Members and Mayor
11 Budgetary Procedures
13 Cemetery Management
15 Code of Ethics
17 Municipal Court
18 Municipal Policies and Procedures
20 Elections
23 Housing Authority
25 Investments
31 Adoption of Ordinances
38 Personnel Policies
41 Planning Commission
42 Frisco Recreation Open Space & Trails Advisory Committee (FROST)
43 Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)
45 Police Advisory Committee (PAC)
53 Alcoholic Beverages
61 Brush, Grass, and Weeds
65 Building Construction and Housing Standards
72 Cable Television and Other Electronic Communication Systems
79 Dogs and Other Animals
87 Excavations
94 Fire Prevention
97 Flood Hazard Areas
102 Hazardous Substances
110 Licensing of Business
124 Public Health and Safety
127 Offenses
129 Alarm Businesses
130 Parks
140 DRReC
141 Abandoned and Unclaimed Property
142 Vacation of Property
153 Snowmobiles
155 Streets
        Street Design and Access Criteria
157 Subdivision of Land
160 Taxation
167 Vehicles and Traffic
171 Water
        Water Construction Standards
177 Towing
180 Unified Development Code