Cable Television/Internet Providers

Cable Television

The following are cable television providers available in the Town of Frisco.

Analog Television

Summit Public Radio and Television, a member-supported, non-profit organization, rebroadcasts over-the-air antenna TV signals that are blocked due to the mountains. They rebroadcast the following television stations:

  • KRMA DTV 8.1 PBS – Rocky Mountain PBS
  • KBDI DTV 8.2- Colorado Public Television
  • KCFR DTV 8.3- 24/7 NPR and News (audio only) – Colorado Public Radio
  • KPXC DTV 8.4- ION Television
  • KCNC DTV 10.1- CBS 4 Denver
  • KMGH DTV 10.2- ABC 7 News
  • KUSA DTV 10.3- NBC 9 News
  • KTVD DTV 10.4- Channel 20
  • KDVR DTV 22.1- FOX 22
  • KDVR DTV 22.2- Antenna TV

Internet Service

For a complete list of potential available internet providers, please go to The following are the two most commonly used options in the Frisco area.