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For access to online submittals or if you have permitting questions.

Inspection Requests: Please call 970-668-5276 and press 1.

Inspection requests need to be called in by 4:30pm THE BUSINESS DAY BEFORE THE INSPECTION IS NEEDED. Please provide the permit number, address of the project, and contact information when requesting an inspection.

COVID-19 Building Division Update

Effective May 20, 2021, the Building Inspection Service is happy to announce that we will no longer require COVID-19 Job Site Safety Plans. Should this change, we will re-post those forms on this webpage for your convenience. Thank you for working over this past year, during COVID, to ensure our Inspectors and your workers have remained safe. We hope you, your families, and your co-workers remain healthy but remember, IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. Thanks and stay well.

Building Division General Information

As part of Frisco, Colorado’s Community Development Department, the Building Division administers the building permit process and reviews projects according to adopted building construction codes. The Building Division works closely with the Planning Division and all projects must obtain both Planning and Building approval. Sometimes this approval will require two separate applications; please look at the Planning Department’s applications page to see if your project requires a separate application.

The building permit process is organized to help ensure projects meet minimum standards for safeguarding health, safety, property, and public welfare as those buildings are used and occupied. The process includes reviewing designs and plans for compliance with adopted codes, issuing permits that authorize approved work, inspecting new construction for compliance with approved plans and adopted codes, and issuing Certificates of Occupancy authorizing use and occupancy of buildings.

The adopted building construction codes are developed as the minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare. These safeguards are in the forms of requirements structural strength, stability, adequate means of egress, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment.

Please note that the Town of Frisco Building Department accepts credit/debit cards for all permit fees.

Building Division FAQ’s and Answers

Sustainable Building Code

What is the new Sustainable Building Code?

  •  On April 14, 2020 Frisco Town Council issued Ordinance 20-04 to adopt the Summit Sustainable Building Code (SSBC) to serve as a new above-building code standard, requiring increased energy savings in new construction that exceeds the 2018 IECC code requirements. You can see Frisco’s amendments to the 2018 IECC code here, under Section 65-9.
  • For commercial new construction: All new commercial construction must demonstrate 25% energy savings above a baseline building energy model developed using ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Cost Budget protocol.
  • For residential new construction: All new residential new construction will comply with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program, maximizing energy efficiency, air quality, and water conservation that will result in a home that’s more affordable to operate and healthy to live in.
  • For more information, visit High Country Conservation Center’s informational page.

When does the new Sustainable Building Code go into effect?

  • All new commercial building applications must comply with the new Sustainable Building Code beginning on July 1, 2020.
  • New residential structures submitted for permit between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 shall be registered, designed, and inspected in accordance with the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home National Program. Full compliance shall be required on buildings submitted for permit commencing January 1, 2021.

How can my new home comply?

  • Any new residential building will need to comply with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home National Program.
  • All requirements for participation are listed here, and your home can take either the Prescriptive Path or the Performance Path.
  • To find a Zero Energy Ready Home Partner Locator, use this tool.


What inspections are scheduled for today?

BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICES during COVID-19 Restrictions effective March 26, 2020, (Read more…)

How can I request an inspection?

If application was submitted online inspections can easily be scheduled online through CommunityCore. If not, please call 970-668-5276 and press 1.

Inspection requests need to be submitted by 4:30pm THE BUSINESS DAY BEFORE THE INSPECTION IS NEEDED. Please provide the permit number, address of the project, and contact information when requesting an inspection.

Who does electrical inspections?

All electrical inspections are performed by the Summit County Inspection Division. The telephone number for requesting electrical inspections is 970-668-3170.

Building Permits

What building code(s) does the Town of Frisco abide by?

  • 2018 International Code Council codes. Please access our Building Code page to see our local amendments.


How can I calculate how much my permit is going to cost?

Do I need a business license to do work in Frisco, Colorado?

  • Yes. All contractors conducting work in the Town of Frisco require a Business License.

Do I need a Building Permit to do a… ?

Permits are required for:
  • New building construction
  • Additions, alterations, and repairs to existing buildings (including re-roofing a structure, replacing window or door units, and re-siding a commercial or multi-family structure)
  • Repairs, alterations, removal, or replacement of any electrical, fuel-gas, mechanical, or plumbing system
  • Change in use or occupancy of existing buildings
  • Moving existing buildings
  • Demolition of buildings

Building Permits – for any and all new construction, including but not limited to, new building construction, building additions (including decks), alterations to buildings, repairs to buildings, etc.

EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2020 Rapid Review Joint Applications WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED ONLINE THROUGH COMMUNITYCORE, the Town of Frisco’s permit application software – for any Window/Door Replacements, Water Heaters (replacements or new), Furnace & Boiler Replacements, Fireplaces, Re-roofs, & Hot Tubs. Please note that these projects are usually reviewed as a Rapid Review, once the application is submitted in completion we will make every effort to the turn the permit around within 72 business hours. Following is a link for permit requirements: Rapid Review Joint Application Online Requirements

Click Here for CommunityCore Permit Applications

The Town of Frisco is now accepting online building permit applications and inspection requests for these rapid review applications. Please see the Community Development Application Submittals page. If you have not already signed up on CommunityCore and need a logon or need your logon reactivated, please email and you will receive an a logon link. Once your application is complete and all documents are uploaded, we will review the online submittal and you will receive an email when fees are assessed. You may then login to CommunityCore when you are ready to make payment. Please call Cheryl Mattka at 970-668-2576 if you have any problems.

Mechanical Permits are required for installation, replacement, repair, or alteration of mechanical systems. This includes fuel-gas piping, heating equipment and systems, cooling equipment and systems, ventilation systems, and gas-fired fireplace appliances.

Plumbing Permits are required for all plumbing work including waste drains and venting, water supply piping, and related fixture and appliance installation.  Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 12-58-114.5, the Town of Frisco has established procedures for conducting contemporaneous reviews of plumbing licenses.

Electrical Permits are required for the installation of new electrical service or relocation and changes in existing service, lighting, as well as new appliance and electrical equipment connections. All electrical permits for the Town of Frisco are issued by the Summit County Building Inspection Division.

Is a list of recently issued Building Permits available?

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Other Agencies

The Building Department requires approval from other agencies as part of issuing permits and Certificates of Occupancy. These approvals may include:

When an application and plans are turned in and the plan review fees are paid, the Building Department will assign online all Agencies having jurisdiction and are required to approve various stages of the project. It is the responsibility of the project owner or contractor of record to contact those agencies (obtaining online approval/“sign-off”). Approvals from these agencies may require the project owner to submit plans, obtain separate permits, and pay additional fees at each agency.