Frisco Water Efficiency Plan & Programs

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Ryan Thompson

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Public Works Office Manager

Why a Water Efficiency Plan?

In 2011, the Town of Frisco updated its community master plan, which identifies common community values and establishes shared quality of life policy statements to “connect, sustain, and create the future of the Town”. One of these values included protecting water quality and quantity. The Frisco community clearly values its natural resources, including water.

The Water Conservation Act of 2004 (HB04-1365) requires all covered entities, defined as retail water providers that sell more than 2,000 ac-ft/yr, to have a State-approved water efficiency plan. Although the Town of Frisco is well below this threshold, the Town, along with neighboring water providers, looks to set an example for other mountain communities in preserving the natural environment and promoting conservation values and honor community values around water quality. This water efficiency plan serves to describe the Town’s history of water saving activities and future plans. The Town also seeks to leverage regional partnerships to effect change and encourage all residents and visitors to reduce water use.

Free Water Programs

Start At the Tap: Fixture Rebate Program

The Town of Frisco launched this water efficiency rebate program to encourage Frisco water users to improve their own personal water infrastructure by offering up to $100 when they replace an old fixture with a WaterSense approved fixture. These fixtures include toilets, faucets and shower heads, which will improve efficiency and possibly eliminate old fixtures that contain lead. The Town of Frisco is taking steps to treat Frisco’s water to be more neutral due to elevated levels in individual homes with high lead levels. Read more about elevated lead levels and what else the Town is doing.

  • Up to a $100 rebate per device is available for a maximum $1,000 in rebates per location.
  • The $100 rebate per fixture may not exceed the price of the fixture.
  • Rebates will be available for WaterSense approved fixtures purchased as of January 1, 2019 with proof of purchase and location inspection will be required.
  • There are a limited amount of rebates available.
  • More information about WaterSense approved fixtures may be found at
  • New construction fixtures do not qualify.

Lead Testing Program for Homes and Businesses

The Town is now offering free lead and copper testing for homes/buildings built on and before 1987 in the Town of Frisco, as some individual homes in Frisco have tested in exceedance of the maximum allowable limits for lead, which is in exceedance of 15 parts per billion (ppb).

  • Frisco has four (4) water sources which have consistently had lead levels registering at below detectable levels (BDL), which means that source water is not the cause of lead levels in individual homes/buildings.
  • All of Frisco’s main water lines are constructed out of ductile iron, and all service lines (from the main line to homes) are either copper or galvanized and not lead, indicating that water lines from the water sources to individual buildings/homes are not the source of lead either.

Please email Town of Frisco Water Foreman Ryan Thompson to request a lead sampling kit for your home.

Slow the Flow: Sprinkler Efficiency Program

Slow the Flow is an outdoor water use audit offered by Resource Central in partnership with Town of Frisco, that provides in-ground sprinkler system consultations. It is open to homeowners, HOAs, and commercial properties at no cost.

These consultations include an in-depth evaluation of the control clock and existing watering schedule to determine outdoor water usage through sprinkler run times, sprinkler head spacing, head quality and other components. Each participant will receive a full printed report of the findings and a clear, actionable list of suggestions to reduce water use and runoff, while still keeping the lawn and landscape healthy. This is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to learn more about their irrigation system and the landscape they are trying to maintain.

This program may be used in conjunction with the Start at The Tap rebate program that is applicable to irrigation heads and controls that meet Water Sense efficiency standards.

On-site consultations begin in June and take about an hour. Participants are encouraged to fill out the online registration form below to reserve their place on the wait list, as appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once registered, Frisco residents will be contacted by a Resource Central Representative, and can expect to choose from the following dates, however Resource Central may add available days based on demand.

July 19 – July 22, 2021.

For additional information about this program please visit

Tame the Tap: Indoor Water Efficiency Checkup

Sign up for a water checkup focusing on faucets, toilets and showerheads, the biggest water users inside the home. Includes free direct installs and rebates for homeowners who complete a recommended water efficiency project.

For commercial sustainability consultations, including water efficiency, please check out the Resource Wise business program.

How did we get to this Water Efficiency Plan?

In 2017, High Country Conservation Center and five water providers in Summit County (Copper Mountain Consolidated Metropolitan District, Town of Breckenridge, Town of Dillon, Town of Frisco, and Town of Silverthorne) partnered together for the development of water efficiency plans. A diverse stakeholder group developed a vision statement to guide efforts in the Blue River Watershed towards regional water efficiency:

The vision is for water providers to continue supplying reliable, high quality water to the residents and visitors of Summit County while also:

  • Protecting the natural environment upon which our economy and prosperity are based.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of our mountain lifestyle for current and future generations.
  • Fostering a culture of environmental and social responsibility through education and actions.
  • Inspiring collaboration and responsible stewardship of water resources across the State of Colorado.

The Frisco Water Efficiency Plan (the first that has been developed for the Town of Frisco) is intended to document the Town’s existing and planned actions to ensure system reliability and the efficient use of available water supplies. The Blue River Watershed Water Efficiency Plan also highlights the efficient use of available water supplies to Summit County residents and visitors.