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Short-Term Rental Licenses

Anyone renting their Frisco property, or seeking to rent a property in Frisco, for less than a consecutive thirty-day period, is required to have a Short-Term Rental License and should be aware of the town’s regulations for Short-Term Rentals (STR). These regulations apply regardless of how the properties are marketed – through a management company, online through sites like Vrbo and Airbnb, newspaper, or word of mouth.

Short-Term Rental Ordinance and STR License Cap

Read the full Town of Frisco ordinance regarding short-term rental licenses:

On October 11, 2022, Town Council adopted Ordinance 22-10, limiting the maximum allowable number of STR licenses that may be issued within Town boundaries to 25% of the residential housing stock. The ordinance went into effect on October 17, 2022. There are 3,600 residential housing units in Frisco, therefore a maximum of 900 STR licenses may be issued.

* * Those who submitted a building permit application for new construction or went under contract on a residential unit on or before October 11, 2022, are exempt from the STR cap and may request an STR account (to apply for an STR license) by emailing Please include the property address, schedule number, property owner(s) names, and proof of ownership.

Short-Term Rental License Application Waitlist

On February 23, 2023, Frisco reached its short-term rental license cap and is now implementing a waitlist for those wishing to apply for a short-term rental license. To be placed on the waitlist:

Complete and submit the form below. A non-refundable $25 waitlist application fee will be applied and is separate from the STR license application fee.

  • Applicants must provide proof of ownership (i.e. bill of sale, a screenshot of Summit County Assessor’s GIS data, warranty deed, property tax statement) and the property owner’s government-issued identification. Any STR waitlist application received with out proof of current owners, will be denied.
  • Once the form has been submitted, your entry will be time-stamped and placed on the waitlist in the order it was received. You will receive an email from confirming your submission as well as a registration number. An updated waitlist will be posted monthly on our website.
  • If you change the property owner’s name or property address after submitting the form, you will lose your placement on the waitlist. You will then need to email to cancel your initial waitlist registration and submit a new one.
  • When an STR license becomes available, Town staff will contact the next person on the waitlist via email, at which point they will have 10 days to submit a complete STR license application. If a complete application is not received within 10 days, the STR license will be denied, the applicant will lose their placement on the waitlist, and no refund will be issued.
  • When a license becomes available, the property owner and property address provided on the form below must match the property owner and property address that is submitted on the STR license application.
  • At this time we estimate that the first property in the STR waitlist, will receive an invitation to apply for a STR license within 6-10 weeks from the date they submitted a complete STR waitlist application.

Short-Term Rental Taxes and Regulations

Short-term rental license holders within the Town of Frisco are required to remit all applicable taxes. The total tax to be collected and remitted for each booking is 15.725%.

Regulations and requirements for short-term rentals outline expectations and provide guidance to STR license holders on how to offer a safe and pleasant experience for their guests, as well as for their neighbors.

Short-Term Rental Complaint Hotline

The Town of Frisco has a 24-hour Short-Term Rental complaint hotline with GovOS/Munirevs to report non-emergency issues such as parking, noise, trash, or occupancy-limit violations, or to report a suspected unregistered short-term rental property- 970-432-8291.

Short-Term Rental Assistance

The STR Support Team is available to answer questions and assist with the STR application, tax remittance, and renewal processes – Please email us.