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Short Term Rental Hotline

Short Term Rental Hotline

If you are interested in renting your property for periods of less than 30 consecutive days, you qualify as an operating short term rental (STR) in the Town of Frisco.

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Who Needs a Short Term Rental License?

Anyone renting their Frisco property, or seeking to rent a property in Frisco, for less than a consecutive thirty-day period should be aware of the town’s requirements for short-term rentals. These requirements apply regardless of how the properties are marketed – through a management company, online such as VRBO and Airbnb, newspaper or word of mouth.

The application process requires the following documents:

  • Self-Compliance Affidavit (Life Safety/Renter’s Information Notice) – this form must be notarized
  • Responsible Agent Agreement – this form must be completed even if applicant is named as Responsible Agent
  • Parking Plan – either a survey or photograph documenting location and number of parking spaces available to guests
  • Lawful Presence Affidavit – only required for individuals applying as sole proprietors (file taxes with their social security number), not LLC or S-Corp
  • Proof of Premise – signed agreement between property owner and licensee application. For example – Property manager applying on behalf of a property owner

Payment and Fees

  • STR license application fees are $125.00.
    • If you hold a current 2019 Town of Frisco Business/Sales Tax license, the STR license application fee will be $50.00.

Paying Taxes

All STRs are subject to state, county, special district and town sales tax and the town lodging tax.

The total tax to be collected is 10.725%.

– 2.9% State of Colorado sales tax
– 2.0% Summit County sales tax
– 0.75% Summit County mass transit tax (Summit Stage)
– 0.725% Special District (Summit County Housing Authority) sales tax
– 2.0% Town of Frisco sales tax
– 2.35%Town of Frisco lodging tax

The 2.0% Town sales tax and 2.35% Town lodging tax should be remitted directly to the Town of Frisco through Xpress Bill Pay. If you are new to Xpress Bill Pay, please note that you will need to contact the STR Hotline with your STR license number to complete the process.

The remaining 6.375% should be remitted to the State of Colorado.

STRs are required by the State of Colorado to obtain a state sales tax account number. Please visit or call (303) 238-7378 to determine whether or not you are required to obtain a State of Colorado sales tax account.

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