Building Permit Applications

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Frisco Town Hall

1 East Main Street
Frisco, CO 80443 United States

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

Cheryl Mattka

Permit Technician

The Town of Frisco requires permits for the following construction types:

  • New building construction
  • Additions, alterations, and repairs to existing buildings (including re-roofing a structure, replacing window or door units, and re-siding a commercial or multi-family structure)
  • Repairs, alterations, removal, or replacement of any electrical, fuel-gas, mechanical, or plumbing system
  • Change in use or occupancy of existing buildings
  • Moving existing buildings
  • Demolition of buildings

Please note that a Planning application may also be required. Please access the Planning Department’s applications page for additional information.

Building permit applications require at least a partial payment of the plan review fee at the time of submission. Please reference the first page of the building permit application form for all of the required supporting documentation and note that only checks are accepted for these permits. Commercial projects are required to submit a digital copy with the application and all other building projects are strongly encouraged to supply an e-copy. Only complete applications will be accepted.

Plumbing and mechanical permit applications can usually be applied for concurrently with the building permit and we can usually accept credit cards for these types of applications (some restrictions may apply). Please note that only state-licensed plumbers may be issued a plumbing permit for projects under the IBC.

Minor projects (as listed below) are typically reviewed over-the-counter every Wednesday morning during our Rapid Review Wednesday program and can also be paid for with a credit card. Applications are no longer accepted via email.

Please note that contractors are required to pick up and sign for permits at Town Hall (1 E. Main Street).

Application Forms are as Follows: