Photography and Video Permitting

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Frisco Town Hall

1 East Main Street
Frisco, CO 80443 United States

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

Vanessa Agee

Communications Director

The Town of Frisco has a simple photography and video permitting process for any photography or filming on Town of Frisco property. The Frisco Photography and Video Permit Application is only 2 pages long, and it helpful to submit this completed application to the Town of Frisco at least 2 weeks prior to filming.

Things to Consider

  • The Town may charge site fees based on the scope and type of photography and video project.
  • The Town may require the applicant to name the Town of Frisco as additionally insured.
  • Drones present special conditions and must be called out specifically in the application. Use of drones is regulated through Town Code Section 127-52, Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • The film and video permit application is for filming on Town of Frisco property only. Private property owners must be contacted by the applicant separately. Also, Frisco is surrounded by National Forest, which is the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service and Dillon Reservoir, which is in the jurisdiction of Denver Water. There are also Summit County owned recreation paths, and Highway 9 is under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Transportation. Give us a call and we will help you figure out what is what and who to contact.
  • We are here to help so never hesitate to contact the Town of Frisco with any questions or concerns.