Peninsula Recreation Area- Comprehensive Vision & Project Implementation Plan

On October 27, 2020, the Frisco Town Council adopted the Comprehensive Vision and Project Implementation Plan.

What is the Comprehensive Vision & Project Implementation Plan?

This plan will identify current uses and capacities for the different user groups and serve as a guiding document for future development and improvements.  This comprehensive plan will detail and map current and future land use allocations for operations, trails, pathways, parking, storage, recreation, and services.  It will include a specific and prioritized implementation framework for the Town to use over time.  Overall, the plan will create a long-term vision and plan that will position the Town to manage these resources and funds in such a way that the Peninsula Recreation Area (PRA) and surrounding areas can grow and be managed to the highest level of economic, social, and environmental sustainability for future generations to come.

Vibrant Recreation is one of the strategic priorities for Frisco Town Council; this includes evaluating current and future use of the PRA.  The Lose Design will evaluate the current facilities, amenities, programs and revenue streams; they will also seek additional opportunities for new revenue streams, futures uses of facilities and propose recommendations to present to Frisco Town Council for short and long term prioritization.


There have been a variety of planning efforts of the PRA over the years. There is value in each of the individual plans, however, there is not one comprehensive plan and vision for the PRA.  In August of 2019, Lose Design Firm was hired to complete this project.

Lose Design Firm will review the previous plans and project files that have been assembled over the years, including:

  • 2001 Town of Frisco Parks and Recreation Master Plan
  • 2002 Peninsula Recreation Area Land Use Plan
  • 2007 Peninsula Recreation Area Land Use Plan
  • 2009 Peninsula Recreation Area Design Plan (prepared by DHM Design)
  • 2016 Peninsula Recreation Area Potential Planning Elements Evaluation (prepared by SE Group)
  • CDOT’s GAP Project
  • 2017 Design Charrette (prepared by Norris Design, May 18, 2017)
  • 2017 Lake Hill Neighborhood Master Plan
  • 2017 Frisco Trails Master Plan
  • 2018 Frisco Bay Marina Master Plan
  • 2019 Frisco Nordic Center Master Development Plan
  • 2019 Summit County’s Fieldhouse Feasibility Study
  • 2019-2020 Council’s Strategic Plan
  • 2019 Frisco Community Plan

The Planning Process

Data Gathering, Inventory and Analysis

  • Identify and convene an advisory group (with town staff) consisting of a variety of users including citizens, stakeholders, staff, concessionaires, etc.
  • Host a kick-off meeting and conduct stakeholder/staff interviews to gain insights including needs, desires, strengths, challenges and opportunities.
  • Review previous PRA plans and project files.
  • Evaluate and review current uses and programming spaces.
  • Allocation of land uses that takes into account the growth potential of the area and the community’s desired growth of the PRA.
  • Recommendations for improvements, renovations, replacement or addition of amenities/facilities, open areas, picnic areas, play areas, parking, trails, and other uses and facilities.
  • Review of current operations and recommendations, as appropriate, for operational changes.
  • Evaluation of parking needs, locations, and new or revised parking to support current and future demands. Evaluation of the existing land uses for both summer and winter operations and suggestions for any relocation’s to achieve the goals and vision for the PRA.
  • Develop conceptual site plans for different uses
  • Evaluate and document site constraints
  • Work with the USFS and the Denver Water Board to ensure compatibility with current and future uses of all lands.

Community Outreach

Stakeholder/staff interviews consisting of a variety of users including citizens, stakeholders, staff, concessionaires, etc. were held on September 25, 2019.   An advisory group was identified from these stakeholder/staff interviews and this group met two times with Lose Design; November 5, 2019 and January 16, 2020.  A Community Conversation was held on March 11, 2020 to gather the community’s reaction to the initial concept design presented by Lose Design.  You can see the presentation from this meeting below.  Prior to these dates, community conversations, charrettes and outreach took place during many of the projects and plans listed above.

Video of the Conceptual Design