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For New Short-Term Rental Licenses

The following information will help new applicants get started with the short-term rental license application process.

In order to apply for a Short-Term Rental License, you will first need an account number and activation code that is specific to your property. To obtain the number and code please email with the following information:

  1. Owner Name
  2. Property Address and Schedule Number
  3. Mailing Address
  4. If recently purchased, provide additional proof of ownership (ie. deed or closing documents)

  • MUNIRevs/GovOS Account Number and Activation Code from Town of Frisco STR Support
  • Proof of Identification – Copy of Government Issued Valid ID
  • Proof of Property Ownership– examples include Bill of Sale, screenshot of the Summit County Assessor’s GIS parcel data, Real Estate Deed, Title, and Mortgage Statement
  • Parking Plan- Indicate location and number of parking spaces dedicated to your unit and available to your guests on either an aerial photograph (Google Maps is a great resource) or a plat map is preferred.
  • Your schedule number on the Summit County Assessor’s website
  • Rental Agent contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Tax Filer contact information

For Active STR Licenses

The following information will help active short-term rental license holders update acccount information, manage users on the account, understand the license renewal cycle, and understand the Town’s Good Neighbor policies.

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It is the duty of each Short-Term Rental property licensee to ensure all information provided is kept up to date at all times. It is unlawful for a licensee to fail to provide updated information to the Town within ten days after the date the information changed. Here are instructions on how to keep your STR license updated:

  • Contact Information Change – such as owner, rental agent, and emergency contact information can be updated in the MUNIRevs/GovOS Business Center. Use the Account Information Update form to make any necessary changes on your account. Once the requested change is made you will be able to download and print a new STR License Certificate in the Business Center.
  • Property SoldSTR licenses are not transferrable. To close your account/STR license, please make sure to first file and pay your tax returns through the last month of rental activity and take down all of your listings. You can then email The Town of Frisco STR Support team with your account number, closure date, and provide the reason for closure (i.e. sale of property or changing to a long term rental).

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You can manage your user accounts in the MUNIRevs/GovOS Business Center by adding or removing the user email. If you are adding a user they will need your account number and activation code to complete the registration. If you have misplaced your account number and/or activation code please contact and include the STR physical property address and schedule number in the email request.

  • STR license renewal period occurs annually from March 1- April 30.
  • Please take note per the STR Ordinance, all STR Licenses expire on April 30th each year. It is not based upon when you apply or are approved.
  • Depending on when you apply, this could affect how many months your license is active before having to renew. The application fee is not prorated.
  • If you do not renew by the deadline, then your STR license expires. You must reapply for a new STR license at that time if you wish to Short-Term Rent.

The Good Neighbor Guidelines are a code of ethics that visitors should follow to avoid negative impacts on the community. The document contains guidance on topics such as parking, wildfire prevention, respecting neighbors, trash and recycling.

The guidelines must be posted in a prominent location inside your rental home so that visitors will see them. Download the Good Neighbor Guidelines.