Town Council Strategic Plan & Legislative Policy Statement

Frisco Town Council regularly revisits and updates the Town’s Strategic Plan, which is intended to describe the long-term vision and mission for the Town of Frisco and identify high-priority goals, the actions to achieve those goals, and the timelines by which they intend the work to be completed.

The budget and department priorities should align with Town Council’s and the community’s vision and priorities. This Strategic Plan includes not only actionable goals, but also measurable milestones to establish necessary urgency for Town Departments to ensure that progress is made in accordance with the expectations of Town Council and the community.

Strategic Plan Archive

Legislative Policy Statement

In October 2023 with Resolution 23-26, Frisco Town Council passed its the 2024 Legislative Policy Statement, which is intended to provide guidance for elected officials, Town staff, community members, and advocacy partners representing the Town, who are interested in the Town’s official stances on bills introduced to the legislature at both the state and federal levels. This 2024 Legislative Policy Statement was adopted in 2023 for the legislative session that will occur January-May 2024, and due to the fast-paced nature of the legislative process, it is important for the Town to proactively state and be able to refer to the Town’s stated priorities.

The legislative policy statement will be updated each year, and it will always be organized by relevant topics of interest to the community, and those topics are sorted into categories that support Town Council’s strategic plan priorities, including:

  • We provide progress-driven Quality Core Services
  • We support a Thriving Economy
  • We enhance Community Inclusivity
  • We provide Vibrant Culture, Arts and Recreation Opportunities