Town Council Strategic Plan

Download the Full Strategic Plan 2018 - 2019

Frisco Town Council Goals and Objectives

Updated June 2018

I. Budget and Finance

  • Allocate funds for housing, mental health and pre-school education needs. Consider targeted allocation of marijuana revenues for priority programs.
  • Complete and implement a business plan for the use of 5A Housing Funds.
  • Support county wide mental health funding on the November 2018 ballot.
  • Complete Storm Sewer Study and determine funding plan for improvements.
  • Complete Water Rate Study and determine new rate structure.
  • Analyze cost of Town services and fees. Recommend adjustments as necessary.
  • Evaluate the need to create an additional reserve fund to help in emergencies.

II. Safe and Secure Community

  • Coordinate with other government agencies to ensure optimal disaster and emergency preparedness, specifically wildfire mitigation.
  • Improve pedestrian, bicyclists and vehicle safety throughout town.
  • Complete missing trails link, as identified in the Frisco Trails Master Plan.
  • Continue staff training in mental health issues.
  • Leverage partnerships to support community health, well-being and safety through strong health and human services programs.
  • Make Frisco PD the employer of choice in Summit County with exceptional work culture, benefits and pay.
  • Inventory/evaluate emergency response plan and look at preventative measures like fire breaks.
  • Evaluate and enhance communications infrastructure (especially radio/cellular) and in-house communications.

III. Balanced and Sustainable Economy

  • Actively work to develop more communication with the business community to maximize economic opportunities.
  • Preserve and increase the number of workforce, family friendly and attainable housing units in Frisco.
  • Review and implement short-term rental regulations.
  • Maintain a leadership role in local and regional issues of transportation, water quality, housing and healthcare.
  • Celebrate and support local businesses. Consider grants for aesthetic or environmental purposes. Provide marketing assistance.
  • Communicate grant opportunities from other organizations to businesses.

IV. Environmental Sustainability

  • Preserve and restore existing open space and wetlands.
  • Implement Climate Action Plan to incentivize environmental stewardship; and implement the Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Develop solid waste reduction targets and plan (e.g., construction, restaurant, residential and large retail waste reduction, and single use plastic bags).
  • Update and implement a town-wide reforestation plan and a plan to mitigate noxious weeds.
  • Participate in regional efforts to consider more efficient recycling services and waste management.

V. Community Amenities

  • Update and implement a year-round Peninsula Recreation Area Plan and maintain a working relationship with the US Forest Service. Complete skatepark, boulder wall, restroom improvements and landscaping.
  • Implement the Marina Master Plan, including final design and construction of new Marina Services building.
  • Finance and implement Frisco Trails Master Plan.
  • Develop a strategic use and landscaping plan for each park and budget for a 4-5 year park improvement and enhancement plan.
  • Promote innovation around housing issues – don’t just design and build.
  • Secure funds to complete sider allocating more money towards the Marina Excavation (Big Dig) to expedite the project when reservoir conditions allow.
  • Promote multi-modal transportation and parking improvements.
  • Complete the Fieldhouse Feasibility Study.
  • Finalize the “Gap Project” design to include elements recommended in the Frisco Trails Master Plan.

VI. Community Involvement and Communication

  • Proactively utilize public input on specific issues through the use of ad-hoc committees, social media and other technologies.
  • Improve information dissemination to citizens (e.g., utilize technology to provide easy and accessible access to governmental information).
  • Update the Community Plan to focus on community values and vision and to set big picture strategy and targets.
  • Bring central core “redevelopment” back into focus through planning and a development timeline.
  • Keep the momentum going on the Lake Hill project in collaboration with Summit County.
  • Engage the community in Exit 203 and Lusher Ct./Summit Blvd. design alternatives discussion.