Town Council Strategic Plan

2020-2021 Strategic Plan

2019 – 2020 Strategic Plan Year in Review

In March 2021, town staff presented an update on the 2020 – 2021 Strategic Plan. Many of the goals had been met or in progress. The pandemic is presenting different budgeting challenges in these unprecedented times and Council will amend the 2020 – 2021 Strategic plan by adding back in additional goals that were planned before the pandemic.

In June 2020 Frisco Town Council met and reviewed the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan on successes and to create a path forward with goals that were unmet due to COVID and other factors.

The Council also described their long-term vision for the Town of Frisco and out of this identified five high-priority goals, the actions to achieve those goals, and the timelines by which they intend the work to be completed. Following this workshop, the Town’s leadership team and staff from each department came together to determine how to align their operations, projects and programs to strategically support Frisco Town Council’s priorities.

Frisco Town Council supported this Strategic Plan update to ensure that budget and department priorities would align with Town Council’s and the community’s vision and supporting goals. This Strategic Plan includes not only actionable goals, but also measurable milestones to establish necessary urgency for Town Departments to ensure that progress is made in accordance with the expectations of Town Council.