Workforce Housing

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Frisco Town Council has identified affordable workforce housing as one of their top 3 priorities, and is working on a comprehensive housing plan, which incorporates multiple strategies to insure employees are able to live where they work.

Why is workforce housing a challenge?

Mountain communities, like Frisco, are great places to visit, and their popularity as vacation destinations commonly results in a shortage of affordable workforce housing because of the prevalence of vacation homes and vacation rentals and the lack of inventory inherent in a community with limited buildable land. Couple this with a tourism based economy, which primarily produces lower paying service jobs, and housing the local workforce becomes challenging.

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2019 Summit County Housing Needs Assessment Report Housing Solutions Strategy Town Council Presentation - June 8, 2021

Finding Housing Solutions

Frisco recognizes that our community is a better and more vibrant place when our workforce can afford to live and raise their families where they work. Workforce housing is intended to serve all areas of the workforce including first responders, medical care providers, teachers and hospitality and restaurant workers, so our residents have the services vital to preserving the quality of life for all community members.

Are you a homeowner of a deed restricted property?

In September 2019, The Town Council approved a new Residential Housing Restrictive Covenant and Notice of Lien which any deed restricted owner has the option to opt in anytime in the future. Learn more and review the Frequently Asked Questions regarding this new covenant.

For questions or additional information about housing, please contact Don Reimer, Community Development Director at 970-668-9130 or by email.