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Mission Statement

To preserve a family-oriented and economically vibrant mountain community that encourages citizen involvement, respects our community character and natural environment, and enhances our quality of life.

2016-2018 Town Council Strategic Plan

Click to download the PDF- Strategic Plan 2016-2018 

I. We Balance the Budget – Assure financially sound Town government
  • Use available revenues to maintain and expand Town services based upon community need.
  • Maintain sufficient reserves in all funds.
  • Diversify revenue sources.
  • Evaluate fee structure.
  • Maintain Town infrastructure and facilities.
  • Employ established, effective methods of long-range revenue and expenditure forecasting.
  • Employ cost-containment and cost–control measures, including program prioritization and performance measurement, to prevent expenditures from exceeding revenues (e.g. ensuring that the Capital Fund is able to address future community needs).II. Provide a safe and secure community.

II. We Serve and Protect – Provide a safe and secure community

  • Coordinate with other government agencies to ensure optimal disaster and emergency preparedness, specifically wildfire mitigation.
    Maintain safety in public gathering places.
  • Keep Town facilities secure.
  • Ensure citizen safety throughout the Town with a focus on safe access to schools.
  • Promote positive community relations and customer service to improve relationships, trust, and foster confidence in our Police Department’s mission to protect and serve.
  • Improve pedestrian, bicyclists and vehicle safety throughout Frisco.

III. We Have Pride – Pursue a balanced and sustainable local economy

  • Actively work to develop communication with the business community to maximize economic opportunities.
  • Strengthen and diversify the retail base to increase sales tax revenues.
  • Maintain an integrated marketing plan for the Frisco Adventure Park, Frisco Bay Marina, Frisco Nordic Center and Frisco Main Street for the purpose of generating revenue.
  • Increase the number of workforce, family friendly and attainable housing units in Frisco.
  • Maintain a leadership role in the local and regional issues of transportation, water quality, housing and healthcare.

IV. We Have Bright Ideas – Promote sustainable environmental policies and practices

  • Preserve and restore existing open space and wetlands.
  • Implement and incentivize environmental stewardship and update sustainability plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Develop solid waste reduction targets and plan (e.g., construction, restaurant, residential, and large retail waste reduction, and single use plastic bags).
  • Update and implementation of a town-wide reforestation plan.
  • Participate in regional efforts to consider more efficient recycling services and waste management.

V. We Play – Enhance community amenities

  • Ensure Town infrastructure and facilities are well-designed and well-maintained.
  • Update and implement a year-round Peninsula Recreation Area Plan and maintaining a working relationship with the US Forest Service).
  • Update and implement the Marina Master Plan.
  • Continue to explore opportunities for diverse recreational facilities and activities.
  • Design and complete Frisco Trails Plan.

VI. We Listen – Foster proactive community involvement and communication

  • Proactively utilize public input on specific issues through the use of ad-hoc committees, social media and other technologies.
  • Improve information dissemination to our citizens (e.g., utilize technology to provide easy and accessible access to governmental information).
  • Partner with the community to foster involvement, communication and volunteerism.
  • Update Community Plan to focus on community values.
  • Encourage and regulate smart growth to maintain Frisco’s community character.