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Frisco Community Plan

The purpose of the Frisco Community Plan is to identify common values and establish shared quality of life policy statements to connect, sustain and create the future of the Town of Frisco over the next five years.

Please click here for the final draft of the Frisco Community Plan

The process to create  the Frisco Community Plan was through a series of six public meetings; community forums that first focused on the big picture of What is Community? and Why Frisco?, and then delved into the topic details during the community forums of Am I a Local? and What’s the Future?, and the final forum was a celebration of the Frisco Community.  Click here for the project themes for the Frisco Community Plan – Connect, Sustain and Create.

For the project, a set of ground rules was established to help frame the discussions; entitled Frisco Community Beliefs, these belief statements provide guidance for participation throughout the process.

If you were unable to attend any of the Forums or would like more information on the discussions please follow the links below.