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Planning Commission

Frisco’s current Planning Commissioners are:

  • Melissa Sherburne, Chair
  • Andy Stabile, Vice-Chair
  • Brian Birenbach
  • Jason Lederer
  • Donna Skupien
  • Steve Wahl
  • Kelsey Withrow

The Frisco Planning Commission is a seven-member board appointed to four-year terms by the Town Council. The Planning Commission serves as an advisory board on land use issues to the Town Council and also has broad approval authority on commercial and multifamily development projects within Frisco.  The Planning Commission meets the first and third Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m., at the Frisco Town Hall pending Agenda Items.  Meeting will not be held if there are no agenda items.


Meeting of the
Planning Commission for the Town of Frisco
Town Hall, 1 East Main Street
Thursday, November 3, 2016
5:00 P.M.


Call to Order:   Melissa Sherburne, Chair

Roll Call:  Brian Birenbach, Jason Lederer, Melissa Sherburne, Donna Skupien, Andy Stabile, Steve Wahl, Kelsey Withrow

Minutes: Approval of the October 6, 2016 Planning Commission meeting minutes

Public Comment (non-agenda items):
Citizens making comments during Public Comments on items not on the agenda shall state their names and addresses for the record, be topic-specific, and limit comments to no longer than three minutes.  No Planning Commission action is taken on public comments. The Commission will take all comments under advisement and if a response is appropriate the individual making the comment will receive a formal response from the town at a later date.

Work Session Items:

  1. Planning File No. 248-16-SK: A sketch plan review of the proposed Breeze Thru Car Wash commercial project located at 857 North Summit Boulevard / Lot B-1, Ten Mile Subdivision.  Applicant: Wenga LLC, represented by AGPROfessionals.
  2. Planning File No. 262-16-SK: A sketch plan review of the Excelsior Mines Condominiums multi-family residential project (27 new dwelling units) located at 120, 122, 200, and 208 Galena Street / Lots 22, 23, and 24R, Block 2, King Solomon 1st Addition and Lots 13R, 14, 15, and 16, Block 7, Frisco Townsite. Applicant: Lawrence Feldman, Town Centre, Ltd. (dba Excelsior Mines Condominiums)

Public Hearing Items:

  1. Planning File No. 188-16-DA: A public hearing for a development application for the Kum & Go commercial project (gas station and convenience store) located at 55 Lusher Court / Lot 2B, a Resubdivision of Lot 2, Block A, Discovery Interchange West Subdivision. Applicant: Ryan Halder, Kum & Go LC


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Planning Commission Submission Deadlines:
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