Town News

Catchup with Council, July 28, 2020 – Disposable Bag Fee Discussion, 2020 Budget Amendment


Brad Thompson Day

Council proclaimed August 3, 2020 to be Brad Thompson Day, to recognize and honor retiring Streets Foreman, Brad Thompson, for his 30+ years of service and commitment to the Town of Frisco.

American Wind Week

Council proclaimed American Wind Week August 9 -15 in Frisco. This is an annual nationwide celebration of America’s accomplishments in advancing wind energy and recognizes the benefits wind brings to communities across the Unites States. 25% of the Town of Frisco’s energy supply comes from wind energy and this proclamation can help to educate residents of the benefits of wind energy and other renewables. This action aligns with the Strategic Plan goal of a Sustainable Environment and Council’s high priority goal of implementing the Climate Action Plan.

Public Comment

There were a record number of participants, 143, during Council’s July 28 meeting.  At the beginning of the meeting during the public comment period, a significant amount of public comment was provided with 25 comments in support of the Black Lives Matter mural and two in opposition to the mural. Most participants departed after the public comment period.    

Discussion of the Disposable Bag Fee

In an effort to reduce waste, the Town implemented the bag fee program on January 1, 2020 to encourage customers to bring their own bags while patronizing Frisco businesses.

Town Council originally suspended the $.25 fee on March 31, 2020 as the COVID-19 crisis was new and there were many unknowns associated with living with the pandemic.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Council has decided to let the fee suspension expire on August 11, 2020. Council stated that COVID-19 is likely be an issue for a long time and Council has not found any evidence that shows that bringing reusable bags increases the likelihood of transmitting COVID-19. Adjusting to the new normal includes practicing good hygiene and self-care while still maintaining sustainable practices that reduce negative impacts on the environment.

First Reading of an Ordinance Amending the 2020 Annual Budget

  • During the July 14 Town Council meeting, staff presented to council proposed adjustments to the 2020 Annual Budget that will increase the general fund balance:
    • Eliminate transfer of $ 893,347  from the general fund to the capital improvement fund  
    • Additional fund balance remaining from 2019 – $1,600,000
    • Transfer $4,700,000 from capital improvement fund into the general fund
    • Reduce operating expenditures across all town departments by $ 400,000
  • Staff also presented to council with additional expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19. that decreased the General Fund balance:
    • Business Assistance Program ($ 505,000)
    • Pedestrian Promenade ($ 70,000)
    • Shop Frisco/Stay Frisco ($ 125,000)
    • Additional cleaning of town facilities ($65,000)
  • On July 14, Council also approved:
  • $ 30,000 For a keyless entry system into town facilities to decrease the spread of COVID-19
  • $ 30,000 Video system for Council Chambers to live broadcast meetings once past the COVID-19 pandemic, as public attendance has increased greatly with virtual Council meetings and Council would like to continue this trend into the future.  

Staff’s financial projections indicated there are sufficient funds available to navigate this year, even if the Town were to experience a 50% loss of revenue. These adjustments to the 2020 General Fund budget would allow the Town to enter 2021 with a stable fund balance. As a result, Council approved the first reading of Ordinance No. 20-19, authorizing a revision of certain appropriations and a transfer from the Capital Fund to the General Fund in order to offset anticipated losses of revenues brought about by the 2020 pandemic.