Marina Construction Updates

Starting Construction on the Marina Master Plan

On Monday, March 4, 2019, the Town of Frisco hosted a ceremonial groundbreaking with Frisco Mayor Gary Wilkinson on the long planned for “Big Dig” project at the Frisco Bay Marina. This project is part of the Marina Master Plan, which was approved in June 2018 by the Frisco Town Council. This project is anticipated to positively impact the Frisco Bay Marina for generations to come.


In January, ordinance 19-01 was passed on second reading by the Frisco Town Council

to authorize the issuance by the Town of Frisco, acting by and through its Frisco Bay Marina enterprise, of Marina enterprise revenue bonds. These bonds were issued for a total of $5,000,000 in February 2019 to fund the Marina Master Plan projects.

Frisco Marina Big Dig Rendering by Tom Hogeman
2019 Summer Construction Rendering by Tom Hogeman

“Big Dig” Timeline & Impact

The “Big Dig” went underway on March 4, 2019 and will go until June 7th, 2019 with final cleanup June 10th to 15th 2019. This phase of construction was named the “Big Dig” because it involves significant excavation of the lake bed in the Frisco Bay to improve navigation; lengthen the boating season; and expand recreational facilities at the Marina. Work during the “Big Dig” phase will include:

  • The grade in the bay will be lowered by up to 13 feet in some areas.
    • Excavation to a depth of 16 feet in south bay
    • Excavation of a channel to 9 feet of depth to northern paddle rack area
    • 85,000 cubic yards of dirt will be moved- for reference, that would be 7,083 dump trucks of soil on the move if we were removing the soils from the site! Addition of 3 acres of usable land to east of Lund House, which will be retained by a nine foot block wall
  • Addition of 1 acre of new usable land in paddle area for all racks and paddle sport docks on the north side
  • In preparation for this work, the Frisco Bay Marina lighthouse has been moved and is being stored at the marina service area. Planning for a future location for the lighthouse is still underway.

Phase One Timeline & Impact

Phase One of the project, which is anticipated to begin in mid-April and go until June 8, 2019, will include:

  • Relocation and construction of a boat ramp in a new location. The new ramp will have three generous lanes, rather than the previous ramp’s two narrow lanes. Ramp concrete pour to be the week of the April 29th with round about
  • An expanded beach area and new sidewalks to improve pedestrian access are also planned for Phase One.
  • A new sidewalk and guardrail to be constructed to run the length of the new retention wall constructed during the “Big Dig” phase
  • New gangway to walkway and slips in the south bay

The Update as of May 29th, 2019:

Basin Excavation
Basin Excavation on 4.16.19
  • Due to weather that caused delays for construction the marina will be open on June 1st and 2nd for rentals then close midweek, to open for the weekend of June 8th for the summer season
  • Old ramp and fuel dock have been removed
  • The old ramp roundabout has been removed down to a pedestrian walk and marina and fire department access only
  • Schofield Excavation has finished the major excavation effort to the finished depth of 9001 in the new southern slip bay
  • Columbine Concrete has finished pouring the ramp, and placed curb and gutter for the upcoming roadway asphalt pour
  • Columbine Concrete pushed out finish date to have sidewalks installed to June 8th from the 1st due to weather and delivery delays
  • Schofield Excavation has pushed out the date for completion of beach and wetland wall in kayak rack area to the 8th due to delivery of blocks for new wall delay
  • Wetlands dirt is stockpiled in the parking lot at the corner of Marina Road and Summit Boulevard (B-1) until wetlands mitigation is finalized in September/October
  • Sand for new beach being delivered for the next 20 days, stored temporarily in (B-2) then placed on new beach area once compaction is finalized near end of May beginning of June
  • New docks, gangway, and walkway pieces expected to start being delivered now pushed back till the end of May
  • Pier extension and rock armor around it is complete and finished grading and tying into the current boardwalk will happen end of May
  • It’s raining and snowing currently still
    Pier looking back 4.16.19
    Pier looking back 4.16.19
  • Schofield Excavation to have the retaining wall finished by end of month with back-fill behind wall this was pushed out 12 days due to abutment pour
  • New slip gangway abutment will be poured on May 14 or 15, 1/2 was poured, due to immense size 2 pours were needed and a 12 day cure time added, this pushed back completion of wall and sidewalks around 8 to 10 days currently
  • Lake is projected to by full around July 1, 2019
  • New guardrail/handrail for main wall top will be installed as it’s fabricated over the summer by Town and Marina staff, cattle guards will be in place till finished product is installed for safety
  • The new land that was built in front of current office will only be hydroseeded as some of it will be torn up for building the new office building in 2020.

More Construction Pictures:

Future Plans

  • Future phases will be completed progressively over the years, as conditions and budget allow. Here are some of the improvements identified by the Marina Master Plan:
  • New office and rental/retail space- scheduled for construction summer of 2020
  • New bathrooms- scheduled for construction summer of 2020
  • New restaurant
  • Playground move and improvements
  • Improved parking
  • Boathouse
  • Dock with power and potable water access
  • Upgraded boat service building and yard

2020 Marina Construction

Marina construction currently planned for 2020 includes a new marina building to host bathrooms, rental space and offices and is dependent on budgeting.

New Office Building for 2020
New Office Building for 2020