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Catchup with Council – May 10, 2022 – Marina Paid Parking, Highway 9 Beautification, Granite Park

Town Council Training Workshop

Town Council and Town staff participated in a group training, which clarified the roles and responsibilities of councilmembers, the Mayor, the Town Manager, and Town leadership staff. The workshop included breakout groups, exercises, and discussion.

Paid Parking at the Marina

Council revisited a discussion regarding a contract with Interstate Parking to manage paid parking at the Marina and enforce three-hour parking time limits on Main Street, in order to thoughtfully consider public comment and issues brought forward, such as policies to fairly accommodate all users, including the Marina’s seasonal boat storage customers.  Availability of parking and the turnover of existing parking spaces at the Marina have been identified as a major concern and a barrier for Marina users.

Town staff met with Interstate Parking after the April 26, 2022 Council meeting to discuss additional options for paid parking management, which were presented to Council. Council reaffirmed their intention for paid parking as a means to promote turnover of spaces; encourage the use of public transportation, bikes, and walking; and encourage those who are not primarily using Marina parking to access the Marina to park in other areas of town. Council gave the direction to proceed with a paid parking program that will implement the proposed daily rates, as well as offer unlimited season parking pass sales to all Marina customers for $99 for the season, with the intention to revisit the program when more data is available.

The proposed daily rates are:

  • First 30 minutes free.
  • Monday-Thursday: 10am-5pm, $.75/half hour with a $10/day maximum
  • Friday-Sunday and Holidays: 10am-5pm, $.75/half hour for the first 3 hours, $2.50/half hour thereafter to a maximum of $15/day.

Council initially discussed implementing a paid parking system at the December 14, 2021 Council meeting and directed staff to move forward with a contract for parking management services at the April 12, 2022 meeting in order to implement paid parking at the Marina by this summer. The paid parking program is anticipated to start in the middle of June for 2022.

Town Code Amendments

Council approved amendments to the Town Code that will enable parking enforcement by a third party. The original code only allowed such enforcement by Town law enforcement.

Proclamation of Mental Health Awareness Month – May 1 -30, 2022

The Town Council proclaimed May “Mental Health Awareness Month” in Frisco. The proclamation acknowledged that mental health illnesses and struggles although extremely common, have historically been stigmatized, thereby discouraging and limiting access to care for nearly two-thirds of all people with a diagnosable mental illness due to lack of support, misinformation, shame, and fear.

Residents of Summit County and Colorado face a higher incidence of substance abuse and mental health distress, as well as suicide rates as compared to the national average. Summit County has tragically lost beloved community members every year to death by suicide.

The Frisco Town Council supports the services provided by Building Hope Summit County in connecting residents with resources and wants residents to know that they are supported and encouraged to reach for help.  The Colorado Crisis Line is available for 24-hour support at 844-493-8255 or by texting “TALK” to 38255.

Gap Project/Highway 9 Median and Roundabout Beautification Project

Town Council directed staff and Norris Designs to complete bid-ready construction drawings and documents for the Highway 9 median and roundabout beautification project after a review of the presented designs. Council supported a mountain themed design, which will include elements of concrete work, xeriscaping, and solar lighting fixtures that complement the lighting on Main Street.

During the October 12, 2021 Council meeting, Council directed staff to pursue a sole-source proposal for the design and construction documents for the beautification of the medians and roundabouts. Norris Designs had already completed a significant portion of this project with the completion of the 2019 design concepts, which were presented at that meeting.

After receiving feedback from the Planning Commission, staff will issue a request for proposals (RFP) for the construction of both the roundabout and median improvements. The proposed phasing plan was to improve the two new roundabouts in the early fall of 2022 and then work on the medians in the spring of 2023. Per Council’s direction, staff will now seek bids for completing the project in both in one phase in fall 2022 and two in fall 2022 and 2023.

Granite Park Housing

Agreement with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Town Council entered into an agreement with CDOT outlining the roles and responsibilities for construction and allocation of costs, as well as future operation and ownership of the Granite Park (619 Granite Street) workforce housing project. CDOT will initially transfer ownership of the lot at 619 Granite Street to the Town as a portion of their contribution to the project.  The Town will lead on contracting for the project and will execute a deed restriction for each unit, and in the final phase of the agreement, the Town will transfer ownership of half of the units to CDOT. All units will be subject to the deed restriction, ensuring that they remain affordable.

Per the agreement, CDOT is responsible for 49.1% ($4,604,732.53) of the construction expenses while the Town is responsible for the remaining 50.9% ($4,773,541.47.

The 2022 budget allocated funds in the amount of $5 million for the 619 Granite Street project. Town staff will consider adding contingency funds to account for potentially increasing building costs. Additionally, the Town had been awarded $1.5M in grant funding for this project by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) for the project.

Contract for Management Services

Council entered into contract with Diversified Consulting Solutions to oversee management and coordination of Granite Park construction.  While the Frisco Public Works staff usually oversee capital project management, this project is at a scale at which this management service, along with another layer of knowledge and advocacy will be beneficial to the Town.

Reimbursement Resolution

Council approved a reimbursement resolution that will enable the Town to be reimbursed through the Certificates of Participation for capital expenses incurred in construction of the Granite Park project. This will allow the project to move forward while more refined construction cost estimates will be evaluated and a final decision on the project and funding mechanism will be discussed at a future Town Council meeting.

New Public Works’ Fuel System

Town Council awarded a contract to Kubat Service and Equipment Company for installation of a new fuel system at the Town of Frisco’s Public Works facility. The current fuel system in that location has been in constant operation for the past thirty years, and while the system has undergone several upgrades, the current system is nearing the end of its serviceable lifespan. Kubat Service and Equipment has recently also installed the fuel system at the Frisco Bay Marina.

Appointing Planning Commissioners

After an application and review process by a Council committee, Council appointed Jessica Potter to the Planning Commission as a new member, and reappointed Lina Lesmes, Patrick Gleason, and Andy Stabile as returning members. Council thanked Donna Skupien, who will not be returning, for her 13 years of dedicated service to the Town on Planning Commission.

Staff also reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the Frisco Planning Commission with Town Council. In its role as a quasi-judicial body, the seven-member Planning Commission has full approval authority over major site plan reviews and major modifications to approved site plans, conditional uses, preliminary plats, and variances. The Planning Commission forwards recommended actions to the Town Council on code amendments, planned unit developments (PUD), rezoning, and annexation applications. The Planning Commission also serves as the appeal body for certain administrative approvals and decision by the Community Development Department or Town Manager.