Town News

Frisco Flood Preparedness

In preparation for spring runoff, the Town of Frisco has been monitoring water levels in Tenmile Creek, staging equipment near the creek and making sandbags available to residents. These preparations are fairly similar to past years, except for the greater awareness and preparedness around debris hazards, which have become more of an issue due to the historic avalanches in Tenmile Canyon between Copper Mountain and Frisco.

Current Conditions, Historic Data and Equipment Staging

The Town of Frisco Public Works Department is monitoring the water levels in Tenmile Creek on a daily basis and has set up alerts in the event that the creek level reaches 4.0 feet on the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) stream gauge. Flood stage on this gauge is 5.0 feet (1,654 CFS) and the creek was at 2.49 feet or 142 CFS on May 20, 2019. The highest flow for this date was 881 CFS in 1996 and lowest flow for this date was 66 CFS in 1981. The average flow for this date over the last 61 years is 295 CFS.

The Public Works Department is also performing twice daily inspections of all creek/street crossings to watch for and remove any debris build-up or obstructions in Tenmile Creek. This will continue until the runoff is complete. A backhoe has been staged a half block from Tenmile Creek on Main Street to quickly respond to any issues.

Resources for Residents

  • Sandbags are available at the Town of Frisco Public Works shop at 102 School Road during regular business hours, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. The first 100 sandbags per lot (not per address) are available free of charge and any sandbags beyond that are $0.25 per bag. Residents are asked to fill their own sandbags and to provide their own shovel to do so. Sand piles are located at the N. 6th Avenue cul-de-sac just north of Galena Street, the intersection of Madison Avenue and Sunset Drive and at the Frisco Public Works shop at 0102 School Road. When residents are finished with sandbags, sand should be dumped back into one of the three sand piles and the bags may then be disposed of or re-purposed as residents see fit. Residents are asked to not return used or unused sand bags to the Frisco Public Works Department. Residents may keep any unused sandbags for other purposes or for next year’s flood preparedness.
  • Summit County Government produces a comprehensive flood preparedness guide, which includes resources for all the towns and areas in Summit County. This guide is available at
  • Residents may contact the Frisco Public Works Department at 970-668-0836 to report any creek obstruction issues or for inquiries regarding sandbags.
  • The Town of Frisco has flood insurance rate maps available for review and can answer general questions from the public. However, lending institutions, and not local governments, determine whether flood insurance will be required for a given property and the related liability potential. For assistance in determining whether your property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), Town of Frisco residents may contact Bill Gibson, Assistant Community Development Director, at 970-668-5276 or email.
  • Any emergencies should be reported by calling 911.