Town News

Frisco Honoring Graduates with Banners- Photographs Needed by April 28

The Town of Frisco is proud to celebrate its student community for the fourth year in a row by designing and hanging custom banners on lamp posts along Frisco’s Main Street to honor each of the high school graduates who live in Frisco. The Town of Frisco first displayed graduation banners in May of 2020, as a way of honoring Frisco’s students in absence of an official graduation ceremony due to the pandemic. This has since become a tradition worth repeating each year, and the Town needs the community’s help to spread the word so every Frisco graduating senior is included.

The Town of Frisco is requesting portrait submissions from the graduating seniors from Summit High School, Snowy Peaks, and The Peak School, who live in Frisco. To this point, nine photographs have been submitted, and as the Town does not have access to the contact information for parents, guardians, and students in order to reach to them directly, the Town is asking for the community’s help to spread the word. This year the Town is also offering the services of a professional photographer free of cost if a graduate does not have a professional portrait. Portrait requests should be emailed to Jessica Holley by Monday, April 24, 2023.

The banners will be installed in mid-May and will stay up for several weeks, after which point they will be available for students, parents, or guardians to pick up at the Frisco/Copper Visitor Information Center. Photographs must be in vertical/portrait orientation and at least 2MB in size or larger, and photographs should be emailed to Jessica Holley by noon on Friday, April 28, 2023 in order to give the Town sufficient time to design and produce these banners.