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Frisco Pathways- Plowing Pilot Program & Walkability

The Frisco Public Works Department has recently started plowing sections of the Frisco multi-use pathway that have not been traditionally plowed in the past. Below is a summary of the “why” and the areas being plowed.

How did we get here?

In late 2019, the Town of Frisco adopted the updated Frisco Community plan after much community conversation and input. In that plan, mobility was identified as a guiding principle and included placing “a higher priority on bicycle and pedestrian options for moving around town in alignment with the Frisco Trails Master Plan”. This community input and subsequent plan have resulted in significant pathway improvements in Frisco, including the pedestrian/bike underpass between County Commons and the Frisco Adventure Park and the extended pathways between Frisco Main Street and Peak One Boulevard.

Upcoming improvements, a pilot program to plow more pathways, and the groomed path between Frisco and Breckenridge

Currently, the Town is updating the Frisco Trails Master Plan to continue to make improvements in the Town’s walkability and bikeability, during both the summer AND winter. Preliminarily, it is likely that this Trails Master Plan update will include better signage, more pathways to connect existing pedestrian/bike routes, and better walkability in the winter.

Over the past two weeks, the Frisco Public Works Department has been plowing sections of the Frisco multi-use pathway (paved) that have NOT been plowed in the past through the Reserve neighborhood and between Summit Middle School and Dillon Dam Road near Dillon Reservoir. This “plowing pilot program” is intended to show if and how pedestrians and cyclists will use these pathways in the winter, and the Town is committed to continually assessing this pilot program for its effectiveness in increasing winter mobility in Frisco.

Just a reminder- the Towns of Frisco and Breckenridge have been grooming the Summit County Recreation Path between the Breckenridge Recreation Center and the Dickey Day Use parking area at the Frisco Adventure Park since 2018. That roughly eight-mile section is currently groomed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for as long into the season as snowpack allows and is free to use for cross-country skiers, walkers, snowshoers, bikers, and runners.

Do you have input about Frisco trails, pathways, walkability and bikeability?  

We welcome your thoughtful feedback and suggestions about Town trails (dirt) and pathways (paved), as we work through the Trails Master Plan update. The community has shaped these plans and inspired significant improvements to walkability and bikeability already so we encourage you to please email Susan Lee, Frisco Planning Manager/Principal Planner, at with your input.