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Frisco to Implement Energy Action Plan to Help Community Save Energy and Money

On October 13, 2022, the Frisco Town Council approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Town and Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy team for the implementation of the Frisco Energy Action Plan.

Partners in Energy is a two-year program with Xcel Energy designed to support Frisco in developing and implementing a strategic energy plan, motivate action, track progress, and celebrate and promote successes. This plan offers opportunities for Frisco to leverage additional resources, identify cost savings, support economic development, and save energy.

Frisco’s Energy Action Plan was developed in collaboration with the Town of Frisco, Xcel Energy, Family and Intercultural Resource Center, High County Conservation Center, Deeper Green Consulting, and other community partners.

The Plan, closely tied to the 2019 Summit Community Climate Action Plan, establishes the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption 70% by 2030 and 100% by 2050 from 2017 levels in alignment with global climate leadership, while also prioritizing equity.

The Energy Action team selected four focus areas to prioritize strategies and resources: residents, businesses & institutions, municipal facilities, and regional partnerships. The team also identified several strategies to include education, outreach, support, expanded rebates, and expansion of the Solarize Summit program to meet energy goals.

In 2023, Frisco residents and businesses will have the opportunity to learn about energy efficiency opportunities, discounts, and rebates through educational activities led by the Town that may help participants lower energy costs, reduce maintenance needs, and improve occupant comfort, and lessen energy-related environmental impacts.

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About Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy

Through Partners in Energy, Xcel Energy provides free services for communities in its Colorado service areas to develop customized energy and electric vehicle plans and then assists with implementing those plans. More information about Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy may be found at