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New Carpooling Apps for the I-70 Corridor Can Help Reduce Traffic

The I-70 corridor has two new carpool apps,  Treadshare and Caravan, designed to reduce mountain corridor congestion by connecting drivers and riders headed to Colorado’s ski resorts.  These community-oriented platforms feature downloadable apps connecting drivers headed to resorts and various mountain locations with others going to the same destination.

During busy ski weekends, more than 50,000 vehicles can travel through the Eisenhower Tunnel in one day. The new apps aim to reduce excessive ski traffic and swelling travel times by increasing the numbers of passengers in each car. Download these apps for free today on App Store and Google Play Store.  More information on these apps, carpool incentives offered by resorts and towns, and additional I-70 carpool resources are at

How it Works

The process begins when a driver posts a day trip itinerary that includes the number of available seats (including room for gear) to a particular ski resort. Drivers will also select a convenient meeting point for passengers. Riders can review available trips on the app and request to join. Drivers must approve a passenger to join.

About I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition

The I-70 Coalition is a nonprofit organization formed in 2004 with a mission to improve mobility and accessibility on the I-70 Mountain Corridor. Members of the I-70 Coalition include 28 counties, towns and businesses along and adjacent to the I-70 Mountain Corridor. More information is available at  The organizations’ is where travelers can learn about carpool and transit options, view the weekend travel forecast, and access other congestion avoidance resources.