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Work Begins on Frisco’s Strategic Housing Plan

Interesting times are ahead, as the Town of Frisco launches a process to arrive at a Strategic Housing Plan customized to our community’s unique housing needs and challenges.

Goals of the Strategic Housing Plan

Frisco is a community recognized for its breathtaking natural beauty and tight-knit neighborhood feel. However, like many thriving mountain towns beloved by residents and visitors alike, we continue to face challenges related to housing affordability, availability, and choice. These issues impact our local workforce, our economy, and whether residents can stay in a community that they love and feel connected to. Our goals with the development of this Strategic Housing Plan are to:

  • Understand Frisco’s Unique Needs: We want to really understand the hurdles that Frisco specifically faces when developing new or maintaining existing housing. This includes tackling issues that affect both our residents and businesses to ensure that any solutions are comprehensive and considerate of unique Frisco needs. Building off the 2023 Summit County Housing Needs Assessment, we aim to dive deeper into Frisco’s specific housing environment and needs.
  • Engage and Collaborate on Solutions: As the Strategic Housing Plan develops, we understand that the path to meaningful change is paved with the collective insights and aspirations of our community. As such, the plan will be shaped by feedback from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders, and we’ll be engaging with you through various outreach methods in the coming months.
  • Develop an Actionable, Strategic Plan: Once we better understand the issues and challenges, we will develop a plan that identifies and seizes opportunities to reduce or eliminate barriers to preserving and expanding our housing stock, all while honoring and supporting the essence of what makes Frisco unique.

Your Role in Shaping Frisco’s Future

We’re just beginning the process of crafting an actionable Strategic Housing Plan, and we’ll need the community to get involved so that this plan is rooted in the real needs and aspirations of Frisco. There are multiple opportunities ahead for you to help shape Frisco’s housing future.

  • Stay Informed and Engaged: Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming opportunities for you to contribute your insights and ideas. Follow our updates via the project website and Facebook.
  • Share Your Comments: Whether you’re a resident, business owner, or other stakeholder, your voice is important. If you have comments about housing challenges or potential solutions, please contact us now to share!
  • Comprehensive Community Plan Update: In addition to work beginning on the Strategic Housing Plan, the Town is also undertaking an update to its comprehensive Community Plan this year to ensure our community goals are reflected consistently, including on housing, water, land use, and transportation issues. Learn more about the Community Plan update by visiting the Town website and Facebook.

Looking Ahead

  • April-June: Local Expert and Stakeholder Engagement to Identify Housing Needs, Challenges, Opportunities, Resources, and Goals (We Are Here)
  • May-July: Economic and Build-Out Modeling and Scenario Planning to Inform Potential Housing Strategies
  • June-September: Strategy, Policy, and Action Program Development
  • July-August: Community Engagement and Public Review
  • September: Final Plan Adoption

More Info

Go to the project website at to find out more about the planning process and how to get involved.