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Colorado Department of Transportation Announces Completion of CO Highway 9 Widening Project

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in partnership with SEMA Construction, announced the completion of two new roundabouts and the widening of Colorado Highway 9 to four lanes from downtown Frisco to Iron Springs. Road work on the Frisco to Iron Springs project began May 11, 2020 to widen CO 9 to four lanes. Improvements include constructing a pedestrian underpass between the Peninsula Recreation Area and the County Commons on the south side of Frisco, as well as installing noise walls along Water Dance and Frisco Bay Townhomes, new roundabouts at the Water Dance Drive and 8th Avenue intersections, rebuilding the CO 9 southbound right turn lane onto Main Street, replacing traffic signals at Recreation Way and Main Street and drainage improvements throughout the corridor.

“The completed project is the final stretch of the CO 9 ‘Gap Project,’” says CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “This has been a twenty-year effort to modernize the busy route between Frisco and Breckenridge in order to move vehicles through the area efficiently, as well as improve access and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. As a result, CO 9 is positioned to better accommodate the transportation and recreation needs of growing mountain communities and increasing tourism.”

The Frisco to Iron Springs project was made possible in part due to partnerships with Summit County and the Town of Frisco. Both local agencies helped pay for the pedestrian underpass, which allows locals and visitors alike to enjoy the many recreational opportunities at the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area.

CDOT worked with the Town of Frisco to incorporate the Frisco Trails Master Plan in the final two phases of the Gap Project, resulting in additional and improved pedestrian pathways from Frisco Main Street to County Commons.

“The Gap Project has done a lot more than add more drive lanes for cars,” says Town of Frisco Mayor Hunter Mortensen. “It has created a better and safer experience for cars, pedestrians, and bikers with three pedestrian underpasses within one mile and with CDOT’s construction of more sidewalks and recreation paths in alignment with Frisco’s Trails Master Plan. The Town of Frisco is thankful to have partnered with Summit County Government and CDOT to make this stretch better for everyone.”

These improvements will make the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area, as well as the 55+ miles of recreation paths throughout Summit County, more accessible and safer to access. This includes new winter recreation opportunities for using the adjacent recreation path, including Nordic skiing, fat biking, running, and walking. The eight miles between the Frisco Nordic Center and Breckenridge are now groomed when conditions allow from about mid-December through March, creating free new outdoor experiences for residents and visitors.

The underpass was also funded in part by a State of Colorado Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant.