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Summit School District is Seeking Feedback by November 20 with a Quick 10-Minute Survey

The Summit School District has asked area Towns to reach out to the community with a survey opportunity. The Summit School District is embarking on a journey to enhance the educational experience for students by creating a meaningful and rewarding career pathways program. To ensure that these pathways from high school to further education and careers meet the unique interests and needs of the Summit County community, the Summit School District is seeking feedback from community members, to participate in a 10-minute survey by November 20. The Summit School District will use insights from survey respondents to help guide the decision-making process and shape the future of programs offered at Summit schools.

The goal of the Summit School District is to bridge the gap between traditional educational approaches with the evolving needs and expectations of both industry and postsecondary education. To achieve this, the Summit School District is in the process of selecting, developing, and implementing Education to Career Pathways, which will empower students to excel in a chosen field. These career pathways include:

  • College credit through concurrent enrollment
  • Integration and alignment of core content academic learning objectives
  • Demonstration of technical skill attainment through industry certifications
  • Work-based learning opportunities that allow students to practice and master essential career skills

When completing the survey by November 20, 2023, please consider the following factors:

  • Your personal interests
  • The educational requirements for careers within a pathway
  • Anticipated job growth in the chosen pathway
  • The average salary potential within each pathway, with an opportunity to earn a “living wage” of $92,000 per year
  • The number of job opportunities available in the chosen field upon entering the workforce

This survey is completely anonymous, and no personal data will be collected. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

For more information on the Summit School District and Education to Career Pathways, contact Summit School District Director of Communications, Kerstin Anderson, at