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Community input is a critical part of the Frisco Community Plan process. The Town of Frisco’s goal is to engage community members at every step of the process.

Summary of Past Meetings

On Thursday, July 11, 2019, the Town of Frisco held an open house, where community members were invited to review and provide feedback on the final draft of the Community Plan update. The meeting was held at the First and Main Building, located on Main Street, adjacent to the Historic Park. Participants were invited stop by before or during the Concert in the Park to view presentation boards and share their feedback on the Community Plan’s guiding principles, proposed policies and action items.The meeting was an open house type format.

On March 6, 2019, staff hosted a public workshop to review important policy decisions, and to seek input on opportunity areas, and land use plans. A copy of the presentation materials are available here. A summary of the feedback received will be available soon.

Design Charrette on Gateways and Corridors


On February 14, 2019, local architects, planners, and landscape architects shared their ideas and design expertise to help envision practical and effective improvements for the West Main and Summit Boulevard gateways and corridors. Cheney Bostik from Studio Seed led the workshop process to envision future development scenarios and improvements for West Main Street and Summit Boulevard corridors. The presentation boards can be viewed here.

Work Session on Land Use, Market Analysis, Parking, and Connectivity

A joint work session with Planning Commission and Town Council was held on February 7, 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to share information and solicit input on updated mobility, land use, and economic data. To learn more about the information shared you can view the presentation.

Meeting on Plan Framework and Guiding Principles

The Community Resource Group (CRG) met on January 23, 2019 for a discussion on the proposed goals and guiding principles for the Community Plan update. Approximately 16 people attended this meeting, including six members of the Planning commission. In addition to the discussion on goals and guiding principles, the consultant team gave an update on the following topics: Land use capacity analysis, market observations (baseline data and trends), parking strategies, and connectivity.



Community Meeting on Parks on November 7, 2018

The Town hosted an open house on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 to gain community insight as to the challenges and opportunities at each of our parks.  The information collected from this meeting will inform goals and policies for our parks in the Community Plan. Participants were invited to view presentation materials illustrating the existing conditions and opportunities for improvements at each of our parks.  Thoughts and ideas on park character and desired improvements were then added directly to the presentation boards creating an ongoing written dialog.  Check out the meeting summary.

Focus Group Meetings on August 28, 2018

Town staff and the Community Plan project team hosted a series of focus group meetings on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. Topics included Frisco’s economy, community design and land use, and housing diversity and land use. For a complete summary of the meeting discussions view the focus group meeting summary.  The key ideas and themes that emerged from the meetings will form the basis for the Community Plan.

Community Values Synthesis Workshop on August 6, 2018

A group of around 30 people gathered at the Frisco Town Hall on Monday, August 6, 2018 to help define our shared community values. The meeting was hosted by the Town’s Community development staff and facilitated by Summit local, Mike McCarthy who specializes in a collaborative, group facilitation method called Appreciative Inquiry.

2018 Community Plan I love postcards

Postcards, listing things people love about Frisco, had been filled out by 100 community members at previous public outreach events for the Community Plan Update. The postcards were distributed to participants in packs of 5. Then participants were then asked to pick out key words and themes they felt captured the essence of Frisco.

Some of the key words that were shared out loud included:

  • Access
  • Welcoming
  • Safe
  • Authentic
  • People
  • Neighbors
  • Charming
  • Unique
  • Local
  • Outdoors
  • Beautiful
  • Small Town Feel

Participants were then asked to think about their own story, or experience while living in Frisco, that could help to connect with the values they feel make Frisco special and unique.  People wrote down their stories, then shared them in small groups, and discussed them with the group at large.  The groups then continued their progression by writing down the 2 or 3 values that are most important to them.

2018 Community Plan focus group meeting
2018 Community Plan Break Out meeting participation

Once participants had written down their 2 or 3 most important values, participants reorganized into groups of 6 people.  Each person took turns placing their values on post-it notes on a large flip chart.

2018 Community Plan post it notes at a community meeting

Together the groups organized the values into categories by theme.  They were then tasked with developing a title for each of the values represented by their group.  The goal was for each group to produce 3 or 4 values to share with the larger group.

After sharing, each of the 3 or 4 value statements were combined on to the white board and grouped again by common themes.  Participants then voted, by drawing a small dot, on the values they felt were most important.  You can see the end result here:

Community-wide Kickoff on July 11, 2018

Around 250 people attended the Kickoff event on Wednesday, July 11, 2018. The event was held at the Frisco Day Lodge at 621 Recreation Way, Frisco, Colorado. The purpose of the event was to gain insight from community members as to what they value about Frisco today and what they feel are the challenges and opportunities that we should focus on for our future. Attendees were invited to circulate among six different stations designed to educate and evoke meaningful thought about community values as well as opportunities and concerns for our future.

The stations were:

  • Frisco Thinks – Town officials often hear that people love Frisco’s small mountain town character but what does that really mean? A word cloud exercise was set up using laptops and an overhead monitor so participants could share three words they would use to describe “small mountain town character.” You can see the pattern that emerged in the wordcloud art, which was developed as a result of this process.
    2018 Community Plan word cloud board
  • Frisco Plans – The Frisco Plans station had information regarding the importance of a Community Plan as well as the process and opportunities for engagement.
  • Frisco Engages – Keypad polling was used to host a facilitated survey with small groups of attendees. The goal of the station was to gain insight on common themes, challenges, and opportunities facing Frisco to better inform the themes of our plan.
  • Frisco Designs – Giant aerial and street view maps of town corridors were used as props for a dialogue with participants on areas of opportunities, for growth, density, change, and preservation.
  • Frisco Speaks – This giant chalkboard encouraged participants to share their hope for Frisco’s future.This piece was inspired by artist Candy Chang’s participatory community planning installation. It was designed to encourage participants to express their vision for Frisco’s future.
  • Frisco Feels – The theme of this station was “Why I love Frisco”. Understanding what people love about our town helps us to understand our common community values.
  • Some of the exhibits are currently displayed in the lobby of Town Hall, located at 1 Main Street, Frisco, Colorado.