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Inspection Requests

Please call 970.668.5276 & Press 1.  Inspection requests need to be called in by 4:30 pm the day before the inspection is needed.  Please provide the following when requesting an inspection:

  • The Building Permit number
  • The technical permit number for plumbing or mechanical inspections
  • The address of the project site
  • The type of inspection being requested
  • Date & Time inspection is being requested
  • Your contact information

For Electrical Inspections
Contact Summit County Building Inspection @ 970-668-3170

Inspection Process

The inspection function is one of the more important aspects of the building permit process. All construction for which a permit is issued is required to be inspected by the building inspector.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to request the appropriate inspection when the item is ready for inspection. It is also the responsibility of the permit holder to assure that the work to be inspected remains accessible to the building inspector until inspected and approved.

Building permits typically require footing and foundation inspections, frame inspections, insulation inspections, gypsum board inspection, and a final inspection. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits each typically require a rough-in inspection and a final inspection.

After an inspection has been completed, the inspector will record any required corrections on an Inspection Field Report that will be left with the contractor. The permit holder is responsible for making all noted corrections and requesting re-inspection of the items before proceeding with construction.

When an inspection is approved, the inspector will sign-off that inspection on the Inspection Record Card that is retained at the project site.